Wednesday, June 1, 2011

mid-week meanderings...

We're super excited! We had a special Satuday post last week for Sarge's Peeps On Parade. It was so fun learning about the people behind the computer, instead of the pups for once! Well, this morning we found out that everyone who participated in POP was entered into a contest and Havi won! Check it our on Sarge's blog, here! We won Havi a new collar! She won't stop smiling! If you're bored at work today check out www.ClarasCollars.com and give us some suggestions...

Also, Tucker, over at Tucker Tells All told us yesterday that he can't comment on our blog recently, is this happening to anyone else? It has been happening to us for days now with Love and a Six-Foot Leash which is KILLING us, because we want to congratulate their foster on being adopted!

Lastly, we wanted to give a heads up about a cool NYC event this Saturday to plan into your weekend. Its Adoptapalooza NYC 2011! Gorgeous Washington Square Park outside NYU, and also the site of this weekend's World Science Festival (Dental Student is a science geek), will be hosting this awesome event. TONS of adoptable pups will be there as well as an agility course for your pup. If you were thinking of adopting, this is your weekend. Unfortunately, our NYC Pitbull Group Meet-Up let us know via email this morning that 28 pups (mostly pits) are on this morning's euth list at the ACC.

Many people ask us why we adopted, instead of bought a pup. People think that adopted pups come with inherent behavioral and physical problems. Many more ask us why we adopted a pit bull (or at least a Havi that looks like a pittie). So today we thought we'd ask for your help! What are the number 1 reasons you (a) adopt and (b) adopt a pittie!?!


  1. Hey Havi!
    Wow, I'm so glad that you won and that a collar is in your near future! Clara has so many to choose from. That Adoptapalooza sounds like a great way to get the bark out about adopting us pups. I hope every doggie gets a great new home. Adopting is really the greatest way to go because so many of us are homeless and would be grateful, happy hounds to have a forever home. Buying a dog sometimes supports cruel puppy mills and leaves a homeless dog sitting in a shelter...that's horrible. As the saying goes: We are not disposable! Every pittie I know is wonderful!! Blogville has a lot of them.
    Anyway, enjoy your shopping and let me know when you've made your choice and we can trade some emails for the details. Yeehaaaaa!
    Grr and an Excited Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  2. hey, thanks for the shout! i'm sorry you're having trouble commenting on our blog... wonder what's going on? and if anybody else is having those problems?
    as for why adopt vs buy . . . i agree with sarge. the main reasons we list are (a) shelter dogs come in all sizes, colors, breeds, ages, and temperaments, and they're just as good as purchased dogs
    (b) many professionally bred dogs have more health problems than mutts or accidentally bred dogs because of genetic conditions that come from inbreeding; and
    (c) two million dogs are put down in shelters every year because there are more dogs than families who want them. this is why people should adopt instead of buying. breeders only breed as long as business is good. if they start having trouble selling puppies, they may think twice before having another litter and putting another seven puppies into the world.
    as for pitties: we love them because they are the classic underdog. they are the most likely to be misunderstood and overlooked, but in a safe, loving environment, they can be wonderful family pets. docile, sweet, and ultra snuggly.

  3. I adopted because 20,000 or so cats/dogs are euthanized in Chicago every year and the vast majority of them have lost their lives simply because there was nowhere for them to go. I adopted a pittie because no one else wanted her. I adopted Maisie 'cause I'm nuts. :P

    I looked at the collar site and my choice for Havi is the black and white checkerboard with hot pink watermelon slices. it's very summery, and the pink would really pop with her dark coat. just my opinion, of course.


  4. p.s. I've noticed I can't post comments on loveandaleash if I include my blog URL. they post fine without it.

  5. Congratulashuns on your winning. That drawing had me in suspenders! The furst collah I seened woz E25, lime dots on pink - would look so fab on Havi's black furs and is so summertime looking!

    Blogger woz a doodyhead fur me all last week and I could not post comments but mine be all fixed now. In some cases I woz able to comment as "anonymoose" if'n that woz an opshun in the dropdown box thingie so gib that a try.

    And to answer your kwestshuns, you adopt becoz why bring more animals into this world when so many dussn't has homes and die in shelters? For efurry litter wot is born, that many dogs die wot duss not has homes. We has fostered and placed pitties and placed pitties and they be just like any udder dog - a dog is a dog is a dog.... German shepherds get a bad rap too so I know wot that feels like. This do be a great article about adoption myths and it applies to all breeds: http://www.magsr.org/myths.htm

  6. Congrads on winning Havi! Bailey and I were both foster dogs before Mom and Dad brought us home. We are glad when other foster dogs find good homes.

    -Katy & Bailey

  7. Hey Havi,

    Bert here,

    Congrats on winning. I was pretty sure that it would be me, but sometimes you gotta let others have a chance.

    I am visiting your site for the first time and I found out something cool.

    for all those people having a hard time making comments,

    when I first caem over to your site I was gonna make a comment but it wouldn't let me.

    so I signed up as a follower

    checked out then checked back in a moment later and it gave me the option to do the Name/URL.

    So now I can leave a message.

    Dont know if that will work for everyone but it did for me.

    so I am thrilled to follow your life in New York.

    You are a very very good looking pittie.


  8. Apologize in advance for the length of this comment: its an issue that I have mulled over for some time. All three of our family dogs, Sophie included have been rescues. Shasta and Sophie as puppies and Stitch at 1.5yrs old.

    I love Sophie, she is an awesome dog. But it is easy to see that her temperament is more Shepherd than Labrador. She is a little weary of strangers but warms up eventually. Obviously not something that was easy to tell when a cuddly roly poly pup in the shelter was interacting with us.

    She was socialized like crazy as a pup but the weariness came into effect as she matured and so her trainers seem to think its more genetics than anything else.

    Because of Sophie, I got very into dog sports and competitions. I started considering adopting another dog. I heard from many that if I want to be competitive in dog sports I need a dog breed for the sport (border collies, aussies etc.) I even went so far as to research and talk with a Labrador breeder with agility champions.

    Then, I realized that is not the route for me. I have loved seeing Sophie learn how to compete in flyball and agility. Flyball came naturally to her for the most part since she is an agile and smart dog. Agility has been more of a struggle since she is naturally weary and moving objects like a teeter are scary. But she is doing it. She didn't need a pedigree with tons of champions behind her to learn to do it and do it well.

    I know there are tons of dogs in shelters that are incredibly motivated and driven and many that got sent to shelters because they have too much energy. They just need someone to give them a forever home and channel that energy.

    That is not to say, I have anything against responsible breeders. Breeders who breed to advance the breed and to keep a pick puppy for themselves. Breeders who stand behind their dogs and will take back their puppies at any point in their lives for whatever reason.

    But for me, I prefer to rescue. A shelter dog can compete and do anything just like any other dog.

  9. Congrats on winning! Miss Havi has wanted a new collar for some time now. I really love the Just Buggin fabric, the pink will keep Havi looking feminine and girly :). As far as my views on adopting vs. purchasing, I am 100% for adopting. Growing up we always had a small herd of dogs, all of which came to us through some sort of rescue situation, whether we found a pup on the side of the road or went to the shelter and picked out a pooch. The hubs and I almost went the purebred purchased puppy route but quickly realized it was just not for us, and though we had quite the roller coaster ride with Boss we still feel adoption is the best choice for us. Now that I work with a rescue and see first hand how many dogs are given up on a daily basis or how many litters of puppies are dumped at our office I cannot imagine purchasing a dog. It's funny that the reason we got interested in bullies was because of Boss, and though things did not work out with him we were still so intrigued by the bully breeds and by the good characteristics Boss had. When I saw Molly on petfinder I knew we HAD to take her home, at least as a foster, she was terrified, nervous, thin and beautiful. I knew the chances of a skittish, uber-buff and broad pittie getting adopted were not great and I could not get her out of my mind. I am so glad we picked her up 2 months ago. I know I got off on a bit of a rabbit trail but bottom line is adoption of a bully dog especially an adult is the best way to help break down sterotypes of these dogs and bring a loving, trainable, loyal pittie into your life and you will never be the same.

  10. Congrats on the collar!


  11. Congrats on winning the new collar! I'm sure whichever one you pick out will look beautiful on Havi!

    I'm a new follower. I'm a new non-traditional student (not a grad student - just finished my very first semester and am enjoying the summer break) and I've always wanted to go to NYC so I can tell I'm really going to enjoy reading your blog.

    Oh yes, the blogger commenting problem. I figured how to comment now but not everyone has the same issues as I was.

  12. Hey Havi I looked at the collars and I love give a hoot and both the summer and purple paisley for you!

    I bought and adopted. Had I know more about adopting I would have adopted a pug instead of getting one from a breeder but I love my Pugsley-Toad and wouldn't trade him for anything. Maize was dumped at a local grooming shop and it was just by chance that we met. I am a failed foster home....a very happy failed foster home!

  13. Hey Havi!
    Wow, you must be having fun shopping for your new pressie. You can bark to me at
    lfurman1987ATyahooDOTCOM. Can't wait to see what you picked out!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP