Friday, May 27, 2011

peeps on parade!

We decided on a special Saturday post, to celebrate Peeps on Parade with Sarge over at Sarge Speaks Out, one of our favorite readers! We had to answer specific question to participate:

So here we go...

- Havi lives with the Dental and Law Student, just Two Grad Students and a Pittie living in NYC.
- Dental Student's special talent is playing the guitar, he even wrote a song for Law Student.
- Law Student makes scrapbooks of their fun adventures, and gave Dental Student his first one all about their fun times two years ago.
- Havi's favorite thing to do is lay on the bed and cuddle. She is a remarkably happier dog when all three of us are together.
- Something serious about the Dental and Law Student is they hope to be debt free one day! We both worked before this; Law Student for Publicis, a communications firm, and Dental Student for a UConn research lab. So this whole debt thing is new and scary!
- Something funny about the Dental and Law Student is that they met on Valentine's Day. They were at a mutual friend's birthday that they had both known for 5 years! When they met in a bar they were both applying to graduate schools outside of NYC and were both living in the suburbs. As fate would have it, 6 months later they both attended NYC schools and moved into apartments 2 Avenues apart. We like to say our relationship is "beshert" - the Hebrew word for fate.

And here's our very first threepeasinapod pic, the day we adtopted Havi! Thanks for the fun, Sarge!


  1. So glad to meet ALL the family and what a wonderful love story you share. My Mom is also an avid scrapbooker (after she said she would never do that!) She has her own blog for the crafty things she makes - there is a link to it from my page. Havi is right - she is happier when her "pack" is all together, just as I am when my "pack" is together. Have a wonderful weekend - can't wait to see what you all discover.

  2. Hi Havi, It's ME (Frankie Furter) who is Sarge's cussin. I am visiting him and using his computer. I hope that sometime you can visit my blog. We have a grrrrreat time in Blogville.

  3. Hey Havi!
    Wow, what a great post about your peeps. My mom likes music too and I like being a cuddle puppy like you do. Our peeps have several things in common...they were neighbors when they hooked up too! Very cute pix of all three of you. I'm sure eventually the school work will pay off...then more money for doggy treats and toys!!! That should be every peep's goal in life...more for the pups! BOL Thanks for pawticipating in my event and I'm glad we're furiends. I can't wait to see more about your territory...NYC must be pawesome!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  4. Nice story! Sometimes things happen coz they woz meant to happen like me meeting my mom. Great Peeps on Parade story!

    Shawnee the Shepherd aka Anonymoose coz sometimes Blogger won't let me be me

  5. I love that you were meant to be! I used to work at Publicis/Hal Riney advertising before they closed the Chicago office and moved to NY. Is it the same one?

  6. What a sweet story and fun facts of you guys :) loved that you shared!