Monday, June 20, 2011

another NYC weekend

Bidawee has a new advertising campaign to increase adoption of shelter pets, that we needed to pose in front of!
We had another fun NYC weekend! Friday night after Law Student pampered herself with a free manicure (via her great nail place's buy 10 get 1 free deal) and Havi had a playdate with her BFF the mini-goldendoodle Jax, the Grad Students ordered in an Italian feast with an AllMenus.com coupon. Then off the Grad Students went for a night on the town, leaving Havi to watch the apartment.

Saturday we woke up early for Saturday morning clean up, and a long walk with Havi. During the long walk the Grad Students decided to stop at their favorite Mexican place, Caliente Cab Co. for a quesadilla. The outside eatery is especially dog friendly, and brought Havi over a bowl of water!
Then she had a stare down with a pigeon.
Later in the day, Dental Student's parents came in to celebrate Father's Day. We decided to head over to the HighLine. The HighLine is all the way on the West Side of the city, and used to be an above-ground railroad track where the meat was shipped into the meatpacking district. The tracks had been abandoned for years, so the city paved it over and planted some flowers and art, and it makes for a nice (but crowded) walk from 14-30 streets so that you can see the city and New Jersey skyline. We ate at an outdoor biergarten under the tracks that featured Kimchi Taco Truck, Eddies Pizza Truck, and the Rickshaw Dumpling Truck. We then headed over to ChikaLicious Dessert Club. Later that night, we rented the movie Just Go With It - so cute!

This is the biergarten, the tracks are above us!
Yummy food!
Food truck lines...
Havi kisses for the guests!
Sunday we woke up to work on Law Student's Mom's Scrapbook. From an idea we got from Real Simple magazine, we make a new scrapbook page for Mother's Day, Birthday, and Hanukkah for mom. This way, her present every holiday is a scrapbook of us through the years, and not a gift she may not be able to use. We then headed over to brunch at Barking Dog NYC. You guessed it, they LOVE pups there!
Havi apparently didn't want to sit with her family in the outside garden, and found a nice shady spot.
Here she is sticking out her tongue, nice Havi.
Then we headed out to Long Island for a Father's Day BBQ where we scored Dental Student's favorite pasta salad, hamburgers, and hot dogs to take home!
Unfortunately, we left Havi alone for the longest amount of time to date, 10 hours, and she obviously got bored and a little destructive. We tend not to leave her alone on weekends, especially for this long. But in the future we will definitely have to tire her out more.

Tell us about your weekend! Don't forget to check back on yesterday's post and let us know which photo of Havi we should use. And Like us on Facebook!


  1. I mostly did a bunch of work...yuck...over the weekend. It sounds like you ate your way through the weekend! I have been to the HighLine. They did a fantastic job of making it the prettiest old train track I've ever seen.

  2. We like the picture of Havi sticking her tongue out. We are sure she is just imagining how great all of the food is tasting! Sounds like a busy, but fun weekend.

  3. Saturday we went to bass pro shops, and catfishin.. sunday it was off to see the parents. And in the middle somewhere the pups got some walks, fetches with new toys... and they ate their dinner off our porch. Pretty chill weekend all around

  4. What a great way to include Havi in the Father's Day weekend plans. Too bad she got frustrated with being left after spending so much time with you.

  5. We visited the Farmers Maarket, went to see 'Hangover 2' at a dinner and a movie theater and on Sunday tried to stay out of the brain-melting humidity.

    Poor Havi. Our boxer Hannibal tends to get destructive when he feels abandoned-unfortunately he doesn't know 5 minutes from 5 hours so it's a toss up whether the kitchen is ransacked whenever we leave!

  6. I love Real Simple it's such an awesome magazine!

  7. What a great post. I don't get to go to restaurants and such, so I like hearing about them.

    pawhugs, Max

  8. Sounds to me like you guys had a busy weekend!


  9. Love seeing all the things to do in NYC. Food trucks are just starting to get legalized and make an appearance here in Chicago. I have yet to try one, but there is a food truck just for dogs! It looks like you're also doing alot for your Tourist in your Own City post!

  10. what a fun weekend! I wish Maisie was well behaved enough around food that I can take her to outdoor patios, but alas, 'tis not the case. I looove that pic of Havi sticking out her tongue, it's classic! is it too late to choose that for the painting you won? ;)


  11. Great post! So much to do in NYC!!

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  12. You guys look like you had so much fun! Molly and I hung out with family all weekend. She got to romp around with 4 other dogs at my brothers birthday bbq and hung out with her best bud Gunner on Sunday.

  13. Looks like everyone had a good weekend :) We saw Super 8! I haven't been to a movie in ages so it was a lot of fun.

  14. What a jam-packed weekend! The food truck phenomenon is getting big in St. Louis, believe it or not. They had a food truck Friday event a few Fridays ago about a block from our house. But they ran out of food before we got there! I had been dreaming about eating that food all day, so I was pretty bummed! I'll have to get there earlier next time.