Monday, June 6, 2011

the wisdom teeth strike again

Well this weekend was supposed to be super fun...Saturday we were going to head over to Washington Square Park for the Adoptapalooza and perhaps the outdoor drinking venue on the pier, Frying Pan. Then head over to Havi's Favorite Babysitter's birthday party at the new hotspot, Lexicon. Sunday we were going to wake up early to support Law Student's Best Friend at the 2011 NYC Walk Now for Autism Speaks in the beautiful South Street Seaport then run with Havi uptown to the Salute to Israel Day Parade and top the day off with X-Men: First Class.

Key word is SUPPOSED to be fun. Dental Student got his wisdom teeth out Friday and that led to a weekend of laying around, watching movies, and finally on Sunday venturing out to see X-Men: First Class. We loved it, by the way!

I must say, pups definitely know when something is wrong. Havi was an angel all weekend, curling up perfectly next to Dental Student and keeping herself busy with bones and balls. Its times like these we love having our pup around to cuddle.
We wanted to hang up our blinds and collage wall, but all we got to do was hang up our blinds from Ikea.
Our flowers also sprouted!

Last week, we chatted about Food Carts in NYC, and today we saw this article on DOG Food Carts, super fun!

What did you do this weekend?!


  1. as you know, I can identify with Dental Student...though I thankfully only had one wisdom tooth pulled this weekend, so (by taking LOTS of Advil) I was able to go about most of my weekend as normal. but still kinda hurting today! hope you are feeling better, DS...you were lucky to have not one, but two very lovely ladies taking care of you!


  2. Back home in Australia you always have your wisdom teeth taken out in hospital and stay over night. I was quite surprised to find out that they don't do that here. We also spend an over night in hospital if you have all your teeth removed - they also don't do that here. Your blinds look awesome and the good thing is...there are plenty more weekends to look forward to.

    I have a new idea for you try. How about a treasure hunt weekend - ask your buddies to find something you could photograph Havi next too - pick 5 and off you go !!!!!

  3. Too bad you didn't get to see all the things you talked about. NYC sounds like a place where there is always something happening.

    I had a bit of a slow start to the weekend cause My Vickie had to spend the all day Saturday doing stuff that I couldn't do with me. But she made up for it with a nice hike on Sunday with my frined Trigger.

    It was a pretty day with perfect temperatures and lots of water to swim in. I was happy,.


  4. As you saw we checked a water fountain in the green space in our city...accepting lots of snuggles from daddio. Wisdom teeth are such annoyances...take care! Love the Dog Food Cart site!

  5. Missed the wisom teeth experience. Dentist is still not sure how they all fit. Havi you are a wonderful patient pup.

    We did the Whisker Walk this weekend and we had a wonderful time at the different dog booths and activities they had.

  6. It is no secret that we Dawgs make the bestest Dogtors ever!!!

  7. Hiya Havi, oh dear we do feel for your poor human, anyone who has that done deserves some snuggles and we're sure you obliged. He'll probably make it up to you next weekend ;-) Dex & Lou x

  8. I'm sorry your weekend didn't turn out to be nearly as much fun as you'd hoped. I remember having my wisdom teeth pulled and had no issues at all - minimum swelling and pain - but not everyone is as lucky.

    I hope the Dental Student is feeling good as new now and I'm sure he'll make it up to you next weekend.

  9. Sorry about the teeth. I looked like a chipmunk for a week


  10. Hey Havi!
    Wow, you are doing a super job of taking care of Dental Student. This is a very important job for a pup. Obviously, you are a pro already. My mom is going all crazy about that pix of your flowers...she is nuts about lilies!! I'm sending some healing thoughts to Dental Student so he will keep feeling better. Good work!
    BTW: I placed your order today...should ship tomorrow!! :) :) :)
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP