Wednesday, June 8, 2011

havi's morning routine

Havi has a very distinct morning routine, with an underlying theme of laziness. Havi could easily sleep until noon without a bathroom break or eating. She just looooves sleeping.

At 6AM the Grad Students get out of bed...Havi acts as if this is a big annoyance to her, and hides her face in the blankets.
She does some stretching,
And some posing....
Sometimes she switches to the cooler floor,
Eventually she'll come into the bathroom, without regard for the fact that two people and a pittie in our small bathroom is not really conducive to getting ready...
She usually follows me into the kitchen while I make lunches hoping to get scraps (which never happens, but persistence is key!)
She even gives me the sweet face, hoping to bribe me
She then sighs and walks over to the welcome mat where she gives me the stink eye
Then she follows me outside to water the plants and smell the flowers
She'll roll around on her back while the Grad Students do their morning computer routine
Then away we go to get our morning coffee and take our morning walk!
What's your pup's morning routine? Lazy like Havi?


  1. Maisie's routine is actually very similar, though it also involves her hiding under my desk while I shower. the pic of Havi hoping you'll drop some food is capital A-dorable, and your flowers look fab!


  2. At 5.30 every morning Reilly comes and wakes me up with a cold nose stuck in my hand or he will whack me with his paw if that doesn't work. That is his - "it's breakfast time - get up and feed me" Then he goes out, sits on the deck for awhile surveying his kingdom, finally decides the bladder can't wait any longer then wanders around the lawn until he finds "just the right spot". Then he comes and does HIS blog, check his email and plans what to do for the day - which at the moment is sleep because it's too hot to do anything else.

  3. Sigh, the life of a dog. I'm so jealous, Havi!

  4. Havi you are giving our Mom ideas. As herding dogs we see it as our duty to get Mom and Dad up in the morning. We then eat and go outside to chase down some excitement.

    We do rest during the day.

  5. p.s. you inspired me to actually post a pic of "hiding" Maisie. ;)

  6. LOL those are some great pictures!

    Sophie's weekday routine is my alarm goes off, I get up. She continues to sleep. I get dressed and then convince her royal highness its time to get off the couch and go potty. Once she potties, she runs inside and starts bouncing to be fed. She eats and then heads for the couch to sleep (unless its a daycare day in which case she gets picked up around 9am.)

    On the weekends, if I am not up by 7am, my furry alarm clock pats me on the head, shoulder, face with her big paw. Then walks to the door and whines. That is my cue she needs to potty and be fed. She then goes back to sleep and I of course am wide awake. :-)

  7. My dogs ard not morning dogs! Neither am I! I am your newest follower! Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Baily is also a sleep till noon kind of pup but Mesa insists on being fed and Big Carl needs a potty break


  9. Oh how I wish it was so lazy! Shiva is definitely an early-riser - it's one of the reasons she still sleeps in the living room and we block off the bedroom with a baby gate. She gets up with the sun pretty much every day and if she had her way, we would too.

    I have a feeling Havi and I would get along swimmingly. That photo of her staring at you in the kitchen is just priceless. :-)

  10. Hey Havi!
    Wow, that's a great way to start the day. You have your peeps pretty much where you want them. I like to jump up on my peeps the minute the alarm goes off, then stare down right in their faces...then slurp 'em a good one!! BOL Then I go back to my pad and snooze a while. BTW: Good job of hovering in the food zone...anything that lands on the floor is legally yours!! BOL
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  11. Our pups are up and running in the morning because they love breakfast so much! I love her espression looking at you, and the flowers on the porch look so nice!