Friday, June 10, 2011

Havi's new leash!

Two Saturday's ago we had a special Saturday post in honor of Sarge's blog, Sarge Speaks Out. Sarge had a contest called Peeps on Parade, where everyone was supposed to write about the people behind the pups. We wrote this post about the Two Grad Students, and some things you may not have known.

Last week we found out that everyone who participated got placed into a contest where a winner was chosen at random - Havi was that winner!

We won a new collar from Clara's Collars. We had such a hard time picking out the right one, and asked you for help. A and A Friese helped us pick the PERFECT design and we changed up the collar scheme and picked our favorite design, Summer Paisley. We really like bright girly collars, because people always think Havi is a boy!

Well, on Wednesday, the collar came!
Havi has NEVER gotten mail before!
She was so excited to see what was in the package...
Okay, maybe I was excited as well
She sat patiently as we revealed the present...
That came wrapped SO PRETTY!
Wait, CLARA AND SARGE suprised us! It is a collar AND a leash!!
And a fun little treat!
We were amazed by the fabric, which was soft and durable, unlike her previous collar. Additionally, the leash really jazzed up her walk. So today, we tried it out!
Havi even met a new friend, named Kara, a Boxer - who wasn't scared of her at all in her bright summery get up!
She was extra smiley this morning!
Now we are going to need to head over and get a Rubit, that Two Pitties in the City always chat about so we can change up her collars!

A few quick NYC type items...Law Student tried out Zengo and Cafeteria this week, two fun restaurants in honor of friends birthdays. Zengo is a Richard Sandoval restaurant (all over the US) which was a Mexican and Asian fusion. Cafeteria was a Sex and the City favorite with amazing mac and cheese! We also bought $20 tickets to the Yanks-Red Sox game in order to check out their new Stadium via StubHub. It was a busy week for the Grad Students, can't wait for some weekend fun!


  1. That is a beautiful leash and collar. It looks great on Havi.

    Also,I nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award because I enjoy your blog! I see you already have one, but I guess that means you are extra Versatile! :)

    Check out more info here: http://2browndawgs.com/2011/06/10/4063/

  2. Oh, Havi don't you look nice with your new collar and leash. You were sporting them proudly we see on your walk. Hugs and nose kisses

  3. the collar looks gorgeous on you, Havi! hope you get to show it off this weekend!

    p.s. don't forget to check my blog tomorrow to get the details of the "win an antler" contest!


  4. OH Havi you look simply smashing in your new collar and that lovely matching Leash!!! I LOVE everything from Miss Lisa's Clara's Collars.

    OHHHHHHH your furst EVER MAIL???? Let me tell you... this is prolly JUST the Beginning.
    Wait until December... I got 87 cards and my mom and dad only got 10!!! BaaWaaah

  5. Lookin good there Havi - what a beautiful collar and lead and hopefully now people will realize you are a girl. There is nothing worse then being called the wrong gender - I get that ALL the time - people think because I am fluffy I am a girl and I have to stomp my feet (all 4 of them) and so excuse me - I am a boy!!!!!!!

  6. What a lovely prize! I love the new collar and leash set. It makes Havi look so cheerful and in the summer spirit. It really brings out that beautiful smile of hers. I need to invest in something like that. Shiva's leash and collar is just plain black. Maybe some bright colours will help me feel like it's summer, even if the weather is so grey.

    I hope you have a great weekend! Happy Friday!

  7. Havi it does bring out your feminine side.

    -Katy & Bailey

  8. The collar and leash look great on Havi! Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. So pretty! It wasn't until we started doing the bright matching leash and collar sets that I realized how transformative a nice leash can be--or at least it put an extra spring in my step. And Rubits are the best; E has this whole system going on so we can even switch it up with our pooches and any fosters we might have around.

  10. Hey Havi!
    Wow, you look AMAZING! What a pawesome design...all bright and feminine. I'm sure you got lots of looks and stares on your walk. You'll be the fashion queen of the big apple now. I'm so glad you like the style / colors / quality. Thanks for posting about it so I can see you in your new digs!
    Grr and an Excited Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  11. So happy to help :) her collar leash combo is GORGEOUS! I am already wanting to add another collar to Miss Molly's collection:). Congrats on the contest win!

  12. Havi is so stylish!! She's a regular doggie super model :)

  13. Awesome new leash!


  14. Hey there Havi...my mom was watching this cool video about pits and thought of you...it is really good and talks about the breed is so misunderstood and how nice you doggies really are! Which we all know, but maybe the word can get out to all the humans out there. Here is the link:

  15. Love the collar AND leash! I love finding fun collars for my pups - it makes me feel like they are fancy!