Monday, July 25, 2011


Hi Everyone!   Hope everyone had a super weekend.  Ill discuss restaurants, movies, and books we enjoyed over the past week in a little.  But in the meantime, we need some help...

We started using a dogwalker last week!  For $25 she will take Havi for an hour long walk, 30 minutes at the dog park, then refill her water bowl and feed her a snack.  A lot of Havi's friends use her as well.  Additionally at the end of the walk she emails a photo of your pup on the walk and a review.  We don't plan to use her every week, but like the idea that Havi is used to a dogwalker whenever we may need her.

However, now she also knows our dirty little secret...when Havi walks and sees another pup down the street she lays flat on the ground.  You can't move that 65 pound pup for anything.  She means it in a non-threatening way, and I assume that because when the pup comes near she doesn't lunge or growl, she just stands up and starts sniffing.  However, I have a feeling this is not a good practice to condone.  Any advice?

Havi, her favorite spot, and one hot weekend.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

the lost files

Just found some pictures from 4th of July!  Enjoy!

The Help

Book 15 towards by goal of 36 books by the end of the year is The Help by Kathryn Strockett.

To be honest, I was resistant to the book at first.  I hate reading a book just because everyone else did.  But my co-worker and the impending movie peer pressured me!  I don't regret it!  I cried through the whole book, even on the train.  The book follows the plight of black women working as maids in the South during the civil rights era.  The story was deeply touching, told from the perspective of a white woman and two black maids.  I especially loved that a white woman wrote the book and her acknowledgements thank her own maid, as well as the disclaimer that it was hard to write from a perspective she experienced.  The book kept me on the edge of my seat, I fell in love with the coldest of characters, and felt as though I lived in their world.  I gave it 5 stars on GoodReads.

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new home project

We're excited to share our latest project - our collage wall!  I wanted the wall above our couch to be very family and friend oriented.  I loved the look of so many different sized black frames on our wall.  We toyed with the idea of just black and white photos to reflect the color scheme of the apartment, and even putting the photos above the dining room table, so the wires from theIikea lights could hide behind the couch instead of just mounted on the wall by the table.  But I really like what we wound up with - still a work in progress!

Here is the painting we won from Art By Elizabeth

We made this cool word collage on Wordle.  You add the words you want, color scheme, font, and shape.  It then turns your words into a collage!  They have a cool feature that you can enter your blog address and it takes the words from the blog and uses those!  We wound up with a black and white collage with words like grad students, Havi, pitties, NYC, etc!

We ordered this awesome print off Etsy...its from one of our faovite songs.  Definitely use ColorBee, she confirmed the order, sent it on time in great condition, and emailed us a thank you!

Dental Student made me this picture box collage when we first started dating.  It commemorates the company I started and our first event!

Can't wait for the next project!

Lincoln Lawyer

As you can see via the cool GoodReads widget at the right, I have read 14 of my 36 books to read by the end of the year!

I just finished Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly.  I started reading it because my favorite Study Partner recommended it.  Apparently, it was also a movie, but it was in theaters during finals so I had no idea!  

I really enjoyed the fast-paced nature of the novel.  It's told from the point of view of a defense lawyer.  Which is coincidentally what I want to be when I grow up!  The novel revolves around a lawyer's crisis of faith in the system and a murder mystery.  Its a relatively easy read, which is good because I did not want to put it down!

I gave it four stars on GoodReads...don't forget to click the widget to add me as a friend!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

recap time!

Okay, so its all my fault!  Basically, summer is just way too fun.  We may be a couple but we're also best friends.  So these best friends have totally been enjoying all summer has to offer, without the insane workload.  And that apparently means forgetting to wake up that 20 minutes early to blog.  Ive missed 6 posts this month.  But, I have a plan - Ill post on weekends for extra Havi cuteness!

Let's pick up where we left off (please insert Full House dream sequence here)...  

On Sunday of July 4th weekend it randomly rained.  So we headed out to Banc, a popular lounge with killer brunch.  I had a caesar salad and Dental Student had a frittata.  Then we headed over to the movie theater with Fandago.com tickets we received through LivingSocial.com to see Bad Teacher.  It was a cute romantic comedy for a rainy day.  Cameron Diaz and Jason Segal were hysterical, but save it for a rental.  Did anyone else see it?

On Monday Dental Student and I used LivingSocial.com Instant Deals, which they've launched in several cities as a deal you can use in 24 hours.  We headed over to a popular sushi spot by us, Nomado 33.  Then we grabbed Havi and walked for an hour to the complete other side of the city for fireworks.  Only then did we learn, the barge was closed, and you need to stake out a spot two avenues away to watch.  We wound up ordering in pizzas and watching the Macy's fireworks on a friend's roof, WHILE HAVI SLEPT through them at our apartment!

This weekend Law Student visited her old camp up in the mountains while Havi helped Dental Student study for Boards.  Here are some pics of our cuddly girl:

What did we miss with you?!  We tried catching up on everyone's blogs and comments!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 4th Weekend Part 1

On Friday night Dental Student and I kicked off the weekend by ordering in greasy food and watching old movies.  That's because we woke up nice and early Saturday morning for our ride to New Jersey to spend the day with his family.  Here are the adventures we encountered!
Havi annoying Dental Student's dad on the drive to NJ
Havi and Molly checking out the pool
Molly was brave and after three years of living there, jumped on in
Sniffing out the situation
Finally Dental Student just carried her on in
Doggy paddle time!
Havi swimming to me!
Excellent form
Holding on

Molly was exhausted
Their favorite toy
Havi holding on for dear life

Uncle Mel was sleeping when Molly just jumped onto the hammock! All 100 pounds of her!

I rode the tractor!

Havi was curious!

Drinks time! 
Happy, tired pups!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

an award winning pup!

After winning a deer antler from Maisie and Me and a painting from Art By Elizabeth we thought we would show you Havi's response to her awesome prizes.

I couldn't take an amazing photo of Elizabeth's artwork so please go over to her blog and look at the painting and her amazing explanation/inspiration.

Check out Havi's obsession with her deer antler!  She already chewed half of it off in the first week!!
Havi checking out her latest package...

Ma, lemme sniff it!

The anticipation is building

Wow what is wrapped so pretty?!

Um, what is this?

Lemme get down here

A note for all of us!

Havi did not leave that bed the rest of the night

Havi happiness!

Maisie and Me stationary!!! Super cool!!

We're off for Havi's first pool experience!  What are you up to this weekend?!