Thursday, April 7, 2011


(sorry I cannot get this image to flip!)

After we posted about Havi's destructive behavior in her crate when he left her there for 8 hours, many people suggested we get more puzzle games. We bought the IQ Ball on Amazon.

Although it is made of hard plastic, and therefore needs supervision when played with. Havi like it right away!

Unfortunately, while we switch Havi over to the Evo new diet, she can't have any snacks. We use her kibble as a snack, but I wonder how long such a low-value treat reward will last. She saw me going for the kibble and putting it in the ball.
First she sniffed and licked...

Then she saw the food
She started kicking it around.
Then food came out!

Pros: Kept her busy for a full half hour. Has different "genius" settings. I can basically make the hole in the ball smaller or larger to change the difficulty level.

Cons: On our hardwood floor, this was a VERY loud sound. Also, I was supposed to be looking for a crate toy, so I guess we have another toy coming.


  1. We've been looking into getting a puzzle for Miss M. She has a ball that if she bounces it the treats come out and she loves that. Though, I'm not sure if the neighbors like it as much....

  2. When Billy is eating kibble (he's pretty much solely on raw these days) I feed him his meals from a wobble kong - that's probably not the official name but look for the kong feeder toy. As a bonus, it slows him down so that he doesn't vacuum up his food in 2 seconds flat.
    You can also try a stuffed kong - I used to briefly soak the kibble then put it in a kong and freeze it - plenty of amusement and safe to leave in a crate.

  3. That looks like a fun toy. I used to give mine the bell shaped Kong, but they quickly figured out that if the drooled all over it and bounced it 150 times on the floor, the treats would pop out. So much for that toy...lol.

  4. We've got a toy like that and hardly ever use it because of the noise on our wood floors. Poor Flash barely ever got food out because it would just roll and roll! Have you tried kongs with Havi? Those can occupy our two for a good 20-30 minutes or so.


  5. We keep seeing these treat balls around the blog world. Glad to know Havi enjoyed it. Gus normally doesn't have the patience for treat toys and just stares at us until we take the treat out. What a punk. :)

  6. we have a huge variety of treat dispensing devices. in fact, we use them exclusively to feed the dogs -- no dog bowls in our household! when we had some anxiety problems with our own mr. chick, our trainer suggested switching him over to eating exclusively out of kongs, treat sticks, etc. we've been at it for years, and it works great!