Friday, April 1, 2011

finishing up with friday

Well, this wraps up our Favorite Things Week. Unfortunately, we're not like Oprah and cannot give any of it away! We hope we gave you a sneak peak into how to decorate on a budget and how to make your small space multi-functional. Most importantly, today we wanted to show you how to make the most out of your space with Havi's favorite things!

You have already seen what has become Havi's bathmat (made of microdry and tempurpedic), where she sits waiting for us to finish up and the detachable shower head to help us wash her.

You have also seen where we keep all her goodies in the entryway.

But, we sometimes find Havi just laying on this tiny rug in a really tight ball. You can barely see her!
A big dog in a small apartment eats a lot of food and it needs to go somewhere! This container is on wheels and fits nicely in our closet as well as keeps the food fresh!
This is Havi's bed. Im hoping we can wean her off the bed soon because (1) it does not match and (2) she has plenty of other comfy places to sit. However, Havi loves the location of her bed because she can sit here and watch the boats go by...

Right next to the bed is Havi's toy box. We found this pretty box at The Container Store (another weakness of ours). It's grey color matches perfectly and its just deep enough to give her a challenge to get things out of the box! We tend to not give Havi a lot of stuffed animals because they don't last more than 10 minutes. But, her next toy with def be the Tuffie brand toys!
It only looks empty because she was emptying it out as I was trying to take pictures!

Havi is not allowed on our brand new favorite couch, but we're suckers and she is allowed on the recliner. (Makes ya wonder about our hierarchy, huh?)

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  1. It's so funny how they can curl themselves into little balls on rugs and pillows. We used to think they needed big beds, but now we know they're just as happy with standard rugs and pillows--plus, our place no longer looks like a Petsmart! We love Rescued Insanity too.

  2. Just stopping by to leave some woofs & hugs! Happy April Fool's Day!


  3. We LOVE our detachable shower head for bath time. Gone are the days we used cups to rinse Gus off.

    We share your love for Costco and The Container Store. :D