Monday, April 25, 2011

sun-filled weekend

Over in New York we're really hoping April showers bring May flowers. It has been very rainy here, and Havi the princess really won't have any of it. So when Study Partner abandoned Law Student for Easter, the two Grad Students and Havi decided to study in the apartment, lounge on the balcony, and go for a long walk. Well, maybe the lounging was just Havi...
Introducing Havi to our new balcony...
We think she's a fan!
Havi has this thing..shes kinda an attention lover...
Note: She never does this for us
Havi showing her corner skills, where she always needs to sit! We met a cool lady at this corner who owns Petropolis, a holistic pet store in FiDi
This tongue made a us realize Havi was super thirsty
So we stopped at the famous Shake Shack for some water
This was Havi's last day wearing the Gentle Leader, we just ordered the Easy Walk Harness, we'll update later this week on the switch
Finishing up our walk and going back in to study some more!

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  1. What a fun weekend! Stop by our blog again!