Sunday, April 10, 2011

walking, walking, walking...

Happy Monday! Last week, StubbyDog asked What's Your Favorite Way To Exercise Your Dog? After attempts at different dog parks, playdates, and playgroups as well as a harrowing walk schedule, we finally think we have it down. As of last week, we instituted a new walk schedule that we think will exercise Havi as well as us!

Havi gets walked for a full hour before we leave in the morning (around 6am), a quick bathroom break mid-day (whenever Dental Student can get back from the Hospital), a full hour when we get back from work (around 6pm) and then a bathroom break before bed. This, along with socialization three days a week in various forms we think will exercise Havi appropriately and will enable us to have fun in this warming NYC weather!

We'll take more pics on tomorrow's walk, but here are a couple...
Every pup needs a souvenir from a good walk...
Let's stop and everyone look at how pretty Havi is

Last week we missed Follow Friday so check out Tucker Tells All!
This week's Monday Rescue Pup goes to Lexus - a special needs mix. Please give her the home she deserves!

Lastly, we hope everyone got to check out CBS Sunday Morning yesterday. Besides the fact that Havi, Dental Student, and I love Charles Osgood with a cup of Sunday morning coffee (Poppy is so proud) but yesterday's episode was called Pets: All In The Family! Check it out!


  1. Looks like a fun walk! Thanks for the Follow! :)

  2. wow! Havi gets a lot of exercise- what a lucky dog- we unfortunately only have time for two walks a day (my boyfriend walks bruno in the morning, then I walk winnie- then winnie spends the day in the bedroom lounging around while bruno spends the day on his bed in the kitchen and they get a longer walk when we get home from work)- wish we could walk them more (at least bruno- winnie has a torn ACL)- maybe now that the weather is nice- it will be good for all of us!!

  3. Oh my! All four of the doggies are begging to come & live with you!

  4. What a lucky dog! Thanks for stopping by our blog, we are now following you and hope you will follow us too!