Tuesday, April 19, 2011

why is this night different than all other nights...?

We celebrated Passover in the Graduate Student Apartment the past two nights. It was just Dental Student, Havi and me due to school but we still had fun making dinner and finding the Afikomen!

We made:
Matzo Ball Soup
Quinoa with spinach
Asparagus with feta cheese
Salmon Teriyaki

We only had to improvise on one little thing. We're supposed to have a shank bone on the Seder Plate, but Law Student forgot. So Havi let us know her bone can be used in its place!
How have you improvised on the holidays?

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  1. awesome! we used a dog biscuit for the shank bone last year, and will probably do that again -- we are vegetarian, so having an actual bone on the plate doesn't quite work for us :)