Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mushey D'Brickashaw

On Friday night Law Student gathered her things and left this cute face...
...for this one!
I went to visit my parents on Long Island to visit my hair colorist and stylist (you never leave a hair colorist, no matter how far you must travel). I get my hair done every three months (it isn't easy being this pretty) and Dental Student and I run a trip to CostCo at the same time. Due to our time constraints, we are really big fans of Fresh Direct. Not only do they deliver on time for a $2.50 delivery charge per week, we find their food is fresher because there is no middle man and therefore lasts longer. The net effect is an overall savings. We run trips to CostCo for large quantities of meat, red sauce, and chips. Not only is it cheaper to buy in bulk from CostCo, the large meat packages stay well in our freezer.

While there, I visited my Mom, Dad and brothers' dog, Mushey D'Brickashaw. He is a purebred Havanese who was just neutered two days ago. He showed me all the new tricks he learned with his awesome trainer (my mom).

This is "place." He goes here when he is in the way, needs to calm down, or there is a new friend at the door. This is VERY impressive!
Here is "come" (I had treats)!
And here is "down" we're so proud!
We follow the blog My Favorite Pup Jasmine. Do you know any other Havanese blogs?


  1. Here's a Havanese blog for you: http://todogwithlove.blogspot.com/

  2. Awww.. Mushey is so cute!! (OK- I am a little partial to Havanese! But he really does have a cute face!) Thanks for mentioning our blog! =) Cosmo's blog (the one listed above) is the only other one I know about either!! Not very many people have even heard of the Havanese breed where I live! If you hear of more, let me know! :)

  3. Oh my, you should bring him to meet that adorable pup..

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