Sunday, March 13, 2011

what's in a name?

We get it all the time. "What did you say? Habi, Happy, Harry?" Her name is Havi.

When we first got Havi she was named Baby, and as much as her foster parents pressed us to keep it, we just didn't like it. Although I threw out names, dental student insisted I wait until we've lived with her for a week and get to "know her." It didn't take us long to settle on a name. Havi can be laying next to you for hours and she'll get up and just decide to kiss you. She is so full of love, we needed a name to reflect that. I am particularly endeared to Hebrew names and started to push for Ahava, the Hebrew word for love.

Dental student likes any names that end in the "eeee" sound. He insists its from playing hockey when he was younger. (Sidenote: he still plays hockey, but lost his game last night. The Devils won though - so I consider it a wash). Soon, we shortened Ahava to Havi and it just stuck. True to form, Havi not only started answering to her new name in less than a week, she proved that she could live up to it.

While staying with dental student's parents one week (affectionately called Camp) they discovered her markings formed a heart on her chest!!

Last week, one of our favorite blogs - StubbyDog featured Havi as well as other dogs with unusual names! Check it out!

The only problem with naming her Havi - it seems a little unisex. Between her pitbull nature, black and white markings, and a unisex name, people always seem to think shes a "he." After a few months of wearing a black collar, don't judge - I wanted her to be chic! We bought her a new collar with law student's parents at Mutts & Butts of Merrick.

Here's Havi modeling the new collar, she really likes it!



  1. Sometime I will lay down for hours and suddenly have an urge to kiss you, too. XOXO Bank

  2. I've been wondering how Havi got her name! I love the story behind it.