Monday, March 21, 2011


First of all, thanks to all the awesome new followers over the past week. We hope we don't disappoint!

What a Monday! After my crazy Law-Student induced March Madness I welcome April with open arms! Between a Moot Court Brief, Moot Court Competition in Washington, D.C., Competition in NYC, the MPRE (standardized character & fitness test), a Wills, Trusts & Future Interests midterm, Intellectual Property Licensing & Drafting paper all in one month on top of interning and 16 credits - I actually want April. Which is rare for a Law Student, who usually dreads the finals preparation of April especially coupled with our move! Dental Student informed me yesterday that he has three exams in the next two weeks, so now its my turn to "man" the house.

Well, we encountered moving mishap number one this morning. We were not allowed to reserve the elevator until today. When I called, we found out we only get the elevator on Sunday from 12-3. This may work out well because Dental Student's brother is driving through three states to help and may not get to us by 12 anyway or it may be a very short period of time. Either way, we'll find out!

Today we are leaving Havi alone in her crate for the longest period of time ever - 8.5 hours (previously, it was 7). We hate to do this, because she craves interaction and we cannot let her out of the crate when we are not home. I intend to take her on a long walk when I get home, including her favorite place - CVS (cee-vees as my Nana Rose said)! Dental Student took her on a long walk this morning. We hope to wean her off the crate in the new apartment. That will definitely be an experience! When we first rescued Havi we didn't even have a crate and needed to leave her alone for a few hours. When I returned home she had eaten half of a wooden decorative piece. We believe since that since then, she is more accustomed to the house, the rules, and most importantly, us. We do not think the eating experience was anything more than anxiety from being alone in a new place, and will love being able to roam in her own apartment! She has never shown any other outward symptoms of anmixety when we have left her alone. We have practice leaving her along for about an hour at a time and when she visited Aunt Molly this weekend they were home alone together for an hour. We will update as the experience progresses in the new apartment!

For today's Monday Resuce Dog of the Week, Duchess. The totally awesome blog Foster Dogs in New York City featured her today, and we love her beautiful coloring. See if you can help Duchess find her forever home!

Well, thats it for this rainy day!

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