Sunday, March 20, 2011

lazy sunday morning!

Something unheard of just occurred in the Lawyer-Dental Student household. We just slept until 8am! Not only did we sleep late, we are now back in bed after a quick walk to get coffee and are sitting around discussing our calendars for the week. This is simply unheard of, and its amazing. However, something tells me it is merely the calm before the storm.

We have been walking Havi the past month using a Gentle Leader and her leash manners are now amazing!! However, the nose guard is rubbing her fur raw. Anyone else have this problem and any solutions?

I'm watching Havi laying out in her favorite spot in the sun, playing with a toy. This would be cute, if it wasn't her roommate Chloe's toy. She stole it. She's going to go through some kind of Chloe-toy withdrawal in a week!

Today I am going to school for a Moot Court brunch from 12-4 then Dental Student and I are off to LI for my grandparent's 85th birthdays at Burton & Doyle. We're very fancy.

Our first week in the blog hop was so fun and we made some friends! Can't wait for next week.

Lastly, I saw this article on a law blog...too funny! The Best Law Schools - For Dog Lovers.


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