Tuesday, March 29, 2011

lights, camera, ok...just lights.

Today's Favorite Thing is our lighting situation. If anyone has ever lived in an apartment in NYC, then you know - there are no light fixtures. This leads to a delicate balance of just the right amount of light to work by, without being surrounded by lamps. Our kitchen, entryway, hall, and bathroom all happen to have lights. That means we just needed to light the bedroom and living room. Off to Ikea we went...

This is the bedroom nightstand lamp. The little flicks on the lampshade are grey and the shade is beige (these are our two warming colors for the black and white theme). The bulb takes 75 watts so it gives a lot of light to a 10X10 room!
The same lamp that stands on our nighstand also comes in a floor lamp and holds 100 watt bulbs. The bits of grey compliment our new grey couch nicely and give a lot of reading light.
Here it is a little closer.
These lights were the coolest. It was hard to explain them. So I turned one on and one off. Because our dining room table is doubling as a desk, we needed more light than the lamps by the couch would provide. These lights are not only functional but decorate the whole wall!
Do you get whats going on here? They come in different styles as well!


  1. Wow, your apartment looks fantastic! You've got great taste. Now I feel bad, of course, because my house doesn't look nearly as put together and my husband and I haven't been students for five years... Oh well!

  2. hey! i just found you on kristine's blog -- welcome to the blogosphere, fellow pit lover/blogger! i do love those lamps, by the way :)

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  3. I love the way you are putting things together! I am now wishing that we had an Ikea :)