Friday, March 25, 2011

2 days!

So I took a MHD (mental health day) yesterday to pack up the place. My mama came in and we got a LOT done. Havi thought it was thoroughly helpful to take every sock back out of the box once we put it in, but she was too cute - we had to let her!

After a looongggg day of packing I took Havi on a walk to Aunt Lindsay's who is being super helpful and will be having a playdate with Havi on Sunday while we move so she doesn't get scared (Lindsay promised to take pictures). I need to get back to my boxes, but Havi wanted to show you some pictures of the mess her mama made while packing...

We still are selling/giving away:
2 Ikea Desks
2 Desk Lamps
1 Nightstand
1 Cabinet
1 Wicker Bookshelf
1 Black Shag Crate & Barrel Rug
1 Glannon's Guide to Criminal Law
1 Constitutional Law Text by Sullvian & Gunther
1 IP Brief book

For today's Fabulous Follow Friday PLEASE check out In Black and White we LOVE their blog. We must have something for Chicago dog owners!

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