Wednesday, March 30, 2011

wash well wednesday

Today Havi was sure to help me show you her Favorite Room the bathroom.

I like bathrooms as clean and neat as possible, but still another fun and decorative room! We made the room black and white like the rest of the house...
Here is Havi sitting at the entrance to welcome you to our bathroom...
We chose this black, white, and grey shower curtain from Bed Bath & Beyond (where else?!) when we realized that our good friends Heather & Neil had the same one in blue tones! Great minds think alike! We also got these simple hooks to hang the curtain with.
This decal is from Project3Design's Etsy shop! It was only $9.00 and it decorated the wall without having to pay for a picture and frame. The best part - we poke fun at Dental Student!
At Heather and Dental Student Mom's urging we bought this amazing bath mat! It is made of microdry fiber which dries fast and is made of a material that feels like tempurpedic, turning our bathroom a little spa-like. Havi obviously loves it best!
One last thing - our shower head is detachable for when we wash Havi. In the city, it is hard to wash a dog in many other places. Although, PetCo and various dog washing places are available, we realized the cheapest place is our own apartment. This shower head has eight setting for the humans and is hand held for the pups!


  1. Love your shower curtain - very classy! I agree, a detachable shower head is so handy. I don't have one at my house but luckily Dogdad's apartment does and he washed all three pups by himself this Sunday while I was at work.


  2. i have GOT to get one of those detachable shower heads. our dogs hate baths, and this would make it much easier than a pitcher of water does!

  3. I am your newest follower. I was looking at your previous posts, and came saw the picture of your dog on the coffee table. I have a picture of Lola doing the same thing.

    Come check out Lola at http://thecircusdog.blogspot.com/

  4. I saw your questions on Two Pitties in the City about the best vacuum for pet hair. I have two dogs and two cats. All of them shed like crazy, so we decided to buy the Dyson Animal. http://www.dyson.com/store/product.asp?product=DC28-ANIMAL

    It is expensive, but well worth the cost because it literally NEVER loses suction. It gets all the hairs in every single nook and cranny.