Monday, March 28, 2011

favorite things week!!

Happy all-moved-in Monday! We missed our post yesterday because we were exhausted after a full day of moving. Both our families came (that's ten people) to move us into our new one bedroom apartment (not big enough for ten people). Our first real home together! It was a fun and tiring day!

This week we decided to do a Favorite Things Week! Each day we will feature a new favorite thing in our apartment.

Today's Favorite Thing is our entryway. We decorated it to be warm and welcoming and totally dog-centric.

We got this at HomeGoods, I love canvas prints!

Lindsay, who awesomely babysat Havi while we moved, has this bench in her apartment. It is from Hayneedle, where we were able to get the bench in three days with free shipping. Its great for sitting on and looks very welcoming.

These ottomans came inside the bench and now serve as extra seating in the apartment/a foot rest until our coffee table comes. Now, we keep all of Havi's medicines, foods, paw wipes and the like in the bench.

The tops flip over for a flat surface perfect for entertaining!

This hat rack matches perfectly in our apartment. It's from Ikea (that store is my danger zone), and holds Havi's backpack, leash, and our walking coats perfectly. Shout out to Dental Student's SIL (and my saviour) for putting it together!

Havi won't eat unless we're in the room with her (this isn't due to any anxiety issues, she is just the most curious dog ever and always wants to know what we're up to). Now that her bowls are within eyesight of the kitchen and living room, I can get something done while she eats! The bowls are from PETCO and match our black and white color scheme. The mat is courtesy of Dental Student's mom.

The bookshelf is from Target for only $30! We loved the price and functionality. We thought that bookshelves are so inviting when you walk into a home. Because we opted out of a desk in this apartment for space purpsoes, the bookshelf will hold all our school books, DVDs and videogames nicely. As long as we keep it clutter free, and keep only these items on it, it remains functional and attractive.

These prints are from Law Student's parents. They're by the artist Ebgi, my favorite by far!

Lastly, an update to Havi's Tummy: It has been 2.5 weeks on hypoallergenic food twice a day with no treats. Our skinny hungry girl now has diahrrea again. The doctor said the elimination diet is over and she needs to go back on the Hill's Science w/d and metronidazole/flagyll to steady her stomach again. He said the next step is an intestinal biopsy or another vet. Any advice out there?!?!

Today's Monday Rescue Pup check out Capone on SecondChance Rescue's Facbeook page! He is UTD and gets along with everyone and every pet! Give him a chance at a forever home!


We are now giving away the furniture we have left:

1 Wicker Bookshelf

2 Ikea Desks

2 Nightstands

1 Crate & Barrel Black Shag Carpet


  1. We've had to make everything multi-storage, multi-functional too--but I do love having extra seating that is easy to move for vacuuming. And I do like that coat rack from Ikea. Haven't seen that one yet, but it's making me want to go...

  2. I love the canvas Live, Love, Bark! So cute

  3. About the food. My pittie has a very sensitive stomach too. I would take a look at the ingredient list. Many MANY dogs are allergic to wheat. Some also have bad reactions to chicken, chicken meal, chicken fat which is used heavily in the Hill's Science dog food.

    The food that I have found that works best is Evo. http://www.evopet.com/products/default.asp?id=1490. It averages out to $2.85 a day for a 80 lb dog.

    I know your vet stocks the Hill's but you might want to look into a higher quality food.


  4. Hi I stumbled on your blog! Havi is adorable!

    My dog had similar tummy issues as a puppy. I tried every food under the sun since our vet gave us the same intestinal biopsy suggestion.

    At his urging (he really didn't want to have to do a biopsy on a young dog but was at his wit's end) he suggested we consult a holistic vet.

    After some searching and talking to a few holistic vets, I got Sophie on a raw diet. She is fed primal (we buy through a co-op to make it price feasible). That was over 2 years ago. Complete turn around in her health and tummy issues.

    Just another path to consider if things don't smooth out for Havi on Evo

  5. I stumbled over here from foster dog blog and am having fun looking at pictures of sweet Havi, and loving her name by the way! I couldn't be farther away I think...living in the country in MN, but you make NYC apartment life look fun. =)

    Anyway...diet. I totally agree with RAW!!! But I can see many people's hesitation to go that route. A great book is Raw and Natural Nutrition for Dogs, by Lew Olson. She really breaks down the pet food industry too which is interesting and sure makes you think twice about all that kibble out there (and specifically the "rx diets"). On raw, the dogs here have the softest most amazing, glossy coats, much smaller and less frequent bowel movements (and way less stinky too, wow!), better dental health, and even seem to have an easier time focusing and behaving themselves.

    If raw really isn't up your alley, grain free kibble would be my next best bet. Dogs are just not equipped to handle grains...their system cannot ferment and make use of it...so you see a host of problems with them with most dogs. And sadly, the "rx diets" seem to be filled with all the things that dogs really really shouldn't be eating and cannot benefit from, it's very sad.

    Prior to raw, we fed taste of the wild grain free, usually the salmon, and had good luck with our girl and multitude of foster dogs as well. Best of luck to Havi on the search for a diet that makes her feel her best!!!