Friday, March 11, 2011

three peas in a pod

After one failed blog attempt, another semester, and acquiring a dog, we decided to give this blog thing another shot. Ever since we rescued (more about her rescue later) Havi (more about her name later), we started reading a LOT, and I mean a LOT of blogs created by other people with pups. We decided that we had a lot to share and contribute to this particular blogosphere. With that, we're focusing our blog on our impending move to a new apartment, living with a BIG dog in a SMALL apartment, living with a rescued pup, and other minute details of our lives. We're open to suggestions and ideas! Mostly, we want to keep our family, friends, and fellow bloggers updated.

On April 1 we're getting new digs. After living for two years with our fabulous roomie, A and her chihuahua, we are moving out on our own. The three peas in a pod - law student, dental student, and pittie, will move into a one bedroom. Decorating this one bedroom apartment as our first home while financing the decorating with grad school loans has not been easy! Our parents have been fabulous, as well as stores like Ikea. The week we move in, we'll feature some of our favorite things we bought to decorate the new apartment!

On Fridays we're going to start up Fabulous Follow Fridays. Here, we'll spotlight one blog we're loving this week. In honor of giving us the impetus to start up the blog, their amazing apartment decorating advice, and their raffle today promoting a (recently adopted) pup's cataract surgery we would like to spotlight: TwoPittiesInTheCity Please buy a raffle ticket, we did!

That's it for today, thanks for stopping by!


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