Friday, December 23, 2011

Our Favorite Web Sites!

A couple of week's ago Havi gave you her Hanukkah Wish List!  We decided this week would be another week of favorites, wishes, and presents!

Thursday - Our Favorite Web Sites

We feel that we always finds amazing web sites that make life easier and wanted to share our favorites!

1. Pinterest.  When I discovered this it was game over.  Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board.  You see something you like on the internet (maybe the perfect way to redo your kitchen, a good present for Aunt Barbara, a fun new dog toy) you hit the "Pin It" button and it appears on your virtual bulletin board.  They have a great iPhone app!  

2. Mint.  Mint helps you keep track of all your funds in one place.  You enter your savings, checking, CDs, mutual funds, loans, etc.  It even gives great tips on how to best manage your funds.

3. Etsy.  I think most people in blogville know about Etsy.  It is a site where you can buy handmade and vintage items.  We have bought Dental Student cufflinks, a Hanukkah present for Law Student's family, a personalized puzzle for Best Friend, coasters, wall stencils, and prints!  Check out our profile!

4. Sidetour.  We recently read about this Web site in the NYTimes.  It is a site for authentic experiences.  Want a famous chef to make you dinner in their home, take a tour of Indian NYC restaurants, go sailing?  Just sign on!  Or host an event exploiting your specialty.

5. GoodReads.  Law Student LOVES GoodReads.  You can keep a record of books you want to read, have others suggest books to you, and review your books.  Law Student is currently in a GoodReads challenge to read 36 books in 2011.  (She's read 26, but started in March in her defense!)  Make us your friend on GoodReads!

6. Doodle.  The ULTIMATE scheduling tool!  Simply enter in a few dates and times for your meeting, Secret Santa meet up, or plans with friends and Doodle sends out the link.  Everyone picks the times they are available and then Doodle lets you know when most people are available.

7. PayPal.  So you buys something and 20 people need to pay you back, now you have to hope those 20 people will mail you a check or drop off the money.  Instead, sign into PayPal and click "gift."  Then the money is transferred in 60 seconds from their account to yours.  Easy as pie!

8. DropBox.  Dental Student and I love lists.  Restaurants we want to attend, presents we have received, money we owe.  But we were sick of emailing the list to each other and hoping each other saved it.  Enter DropBox.  A virtual filing cabinet.  Access those files from any computer in the world or your iPhone.  Best part?  If your computer or phone crashes your files are saved because its Internet accessible!

9. HopStop.  How do I get from here to there?  HopStop is the ultimate directions.

10. Key Ring.  Law Student always forgets her password.  This handy app remembers ALL your passwords and will destruct if your phone is lost or stolen

What are your favorite Web sites and applications?!


  1. I'm still trying to get someone to send me an invite to pinterest. No one I know in person is on there, so its a matter of the blogging world.

    I'm having to check out some of the other web sites that I haven't heard of.

  2. Thanks for introducing me to these sites. I hadn't heard of Pinterest or DropBox. Have you heard of Manilla.com? It supposedly manages all of your payments through the site. I haven't tried it, but it looks like a great time saver.