Saturday, December 3, 2011

Weekly Feature: Love Letters from a Dogwalker

Havi and her walker...its really just a love affair...

O man. She was extra excited to see me today coming out of her crate. I tried to have her sit and stay after I opened the door but she zoomed right out. It was a struggle getting her harness on because instead of roly-poly, I got a face kiss attack!

I was singing a Havi Christmassong on the way to the park and she kept looking up at me from the corner of her eye like 'cut it out, dude'.

Unfortunately no one was there when we got there so I played fetch with myself while she followed alongside and then we drank some smartwater and waited a few minutes for a pal.

Archie showed up and since they've had some issues in the past the owner was a little timid today. So instead of risking setting her up for failure we headed out for a very brisk long stroll around the neighborhood.

To everyone's surprise and joy we ran into Kellie on her way to her next pup! Havi was thrilled!! We even got to walk a few blocks on 3rd avenue with her :)

She was so good with her sits at corners I couldn't resist kneeling down everytime and molesting her with hugs and kisses!

That is quite the afternoon delight I pulled out of the freezer for her lucky girl! Turned on the light and her bowls are in the sink.

Have a great weekend!


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  2. haha, I love that she was singing a Christmas song to Havi! I've started singing a jingle or two to my dogs too lately, haha.