Thursday, December 22, 2011

If you get, you gotta give!

A couple of week's ago Havi gave you her Hanukkah Wish List!  We decided this week would be another week of favorites, wishes, and presents!

Wednesday - Volunteer/Give Back This Season List
Thursday - Our Favorite Web Sites
Friday - Pittie Posse Secret Santa Reveal!

Yesterday, Aleks from Love and a Six-Foot Leash told us about how she spent her birthday bringing bully sticks to dogs in a local shelter.  Last week, Josh from That Touch of Pit shared some Holiday Gifts that Give Back!  Even Comeback Kid Baxter hosted a comment-athon in order to donate 200lb of kibble!  Law Student once started a non-profit organization that links up young professional with service opportunities.  So we know plenty of great ways to give back in NYC this time of year.

The Two Grad Students and Havi's Giving Back in NYC List

1. Give blood!  Seriously, it doesn't hurt and it is not as scary as you think it is.  If you sit for 12 minutes you get a cookie and safe a life.  Not a bad deal.  Check out NY Blood Center for a location near you.

2. Toys for Tots!  Many locations, including Law Student's fathers Long Island Office and our own apartment building have drop off locations.  A little short on funds?  A coloring book and crayons from the dollar store will change a little kid's holiday.

3. Clean out your closet!  There are definitely five items you do not wear anymore.  I know three places that would wear it (1) Connie's Closet who works with children in foster care, (2) Goodwill who works with the unemployed and disadvantaged, and (3) Dress for Success who will provide professional attire to disadvantaged women.

4. God's Love We Deliver is an awesome foundation downtown where you can help package up food for men, women, and children living with serious illness.

5. Help your pup do something great and donate towels, blankets, food, or love to your local animal shelter!

How are you getting and giving?!

P.S. Thanks Life With Sophie for the Liebster Award!


  1. I totally tried to give blood, especially since I have a rare blood type, but passed out the first time, and the next two times I spent the rest of the day seriously dizzy and in bed, with a horrible headache/stomachache, despite having great blood iron, eating good, and being well hydrated for the week leading up to donating. I decided donating just isn't for me, unless there is a specific need for my blood type. Although, I would sign up for bone marrow donation if they didn't expect you to pay for a ton of expensive tests yourself before being able to.

  2. I used to give blood, but my veins are really small (the only part of me that is!) and so I would bruise horribly every time! Now, I try to give through charity donations when I can and through volunteering with a local animal rescue. It really is true that you get so much out of volunteering - I can't believe I waited so long to get involved! Thanks for highlighting ways we can give back!

  3. My hubby & I give blood pretty regularly. It is a wonderful thing to do. I like to have a little fun and quietly tell a nurse that my hubby sometimes cries & passes out..then watch them go fuss over him! LOL He's on to me now with this, but always gives the nurses a chuckle! Anyway, this is a great list and I hope lots of folks decide to give this season.
    Sarge's Mom

  4. Food drives are big this time of year. Don't have time to shop, they take checks and they often can buy wholesale or from larger coops and get more for their $. Even small donations can help.

    I am a toy person. We make two monthly cash donations to Toys for Tots one in November and one in December. The dogs always visit Santa for one of the rescues, this year it was a Labrador Rescue. The local tech high school was doing a toy drive. I LOVED doing this because it not only helped a child, but it helped teenagers learn about organizing a charity drive and the good that comes from all their hard work. This is on my radar for next year. It also gave my Mom, my Aunt and I a chance to work on a project together. We bought an 18" doll and dressed it for a child with handmade clothing. People don't realize it, but if you can knit, sew, or crochet clothes, you can work with charities to provide clothing for the dolls that are donated. Doll blankets are another idea if clothing is hard for people to make.

    Another great idea is to help out your neighbors who might find the physical stuff challenging. My Mom lives out of state and is blessed with neighbors who come by and help with some of the physical labor. In return she cooks and makes toys for their kids.

  5. Oh Dog! Happy holidays! And please remember that while helping those shelter animals is great in the short run, to truly help animals PLEASE do your part to help pass legislation that helps ALL animals.