Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Monthly Feature: Big Dog, Small Budget

*We are back from break and back on track!  We hope to do some blog overhauls this week, but without further adieu...

We started this Monthly Feature to explain how we live with a big dog on a small budget.  Many people wrote they don't or can't even imagine how much they spend per month.  The simple fact is that we live loan to loan so we have to really contemplate the value of each $ spent.  Additionally, we thought that by sharing the various sites and coupons we use, we may give others good ideas.  Alternatively, if we're spending too much money - we were hoping you would share some good ideas!

So here is our December round-up!  

2 Dog Walking Sessions with RuffCity DogWalkers - $50.00
8 gallons of spring water Gristedes Brand for Havi - $8.00
Evo Red Meat Formula from PetSupply.com - $65.57
Havi's Annual Check Up at Murray Hill Pet Hospital - $249.00 
(More on the check up tomorrow)
Lamp timers from Amazon Prime - $10.70
December Total: $383.27

June: $149.31
July: $111.99
August: $193.22
September: $186.83
October: $205.63
November: $249.79
December: $383.27
YTD: $1,480.04
**Please note that some numbers have changed.  We started giving Havi spring water to help with her stomach issues, which it has helped!  I forgot to include this since September, and have adjusted accordingly.  

We will update on the cost of Havi's check up and why it is that price tomorrow!

Any tips on ways to save?!


  1. We have considered buying spring water for our crew, but have not done so yet. It is good to hear that the spring water has made a difference.

  2. Hi, G and D here from Prettie Little Pittie - so I was just reading about how Two Pitties in the City have had such success walking their dogs (and were written up in the Chicago Tribune - I too feel totally honored to know them! :)) and I know we spoke about it way long ago, but are you still interested in possibly getting a similar club together? If so, let me know? (doriavoiland@gmail.com)

  3. Interested to hear that you're using Spring Water for Havi, is there something special about spring water or could you use purified water. We buy purified water at around 39c a gallon or less because we pay for 100 gallons at a time. Two of our own dogs have digestive problems, we've changed their food but it never occurred to me to change their water...

  4. @ Goosie mam - I have been meaning to write you - I will shoot you an email Friday, well get it going!!

    @ Ngiel - we heard that the filtered water would be good for her tummy as opposed to the tap water, there is something her body could not filter. she has not had any stomach problems since we started it - and for the $8 a week, its definitely worth it!