Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Weekly Feature: Love Letters From A Dogwalker

RuffCity Dogwalking's Heather walked Havi on a very rainy December 6!

She actually sat and 'waited' in her crate. I put it in ' ' because it wasn't perfect t but you could tell she was trying so hard to override her excitement!

Best leash up yet! She was still overly excited but only slight roly-poly and kiss attack.

There was a strong mist coming down so I didn't have much hope for the park but we headed that way anyways to at least let her run after the ball a few times. We stayed for about 15 minutes and I kicked the ball repeatedly for her. She of course ran after it but no returns.

It started to rain harder so better to be moving. We walked around for the last bit and came home only a few minutes early for a little snuggle :)

No poop again this week- what gives? The rain? She only peed once too...

She did great on our stroll, only a few hesitations on her part. She did randomly lunge and growl at a dark grey poode-lish pup we passed on 35th between 1st and 2nd. It was especially strange as we were almost past him when she did it. I've never seen her do that before and seemed very out of character! Does she know him from the building?

Back inside she still had water left and I didn't know if it was the last of the spring or not so I didn't empty it but she didn't want to drink any :( Her food also looked pretty untouched (still had the sprinkled powder on top).

I didn't see a towel out but looked for one in the closet and chose a smaller one to dry her off. It's laying on top of her crate. Hope that's ok!

I'm not sure if she's allowed on the couch but she went right for it and I allowed it because I know she's welcome on the chair (and I wanted to cuddle ;). Attached is a pic of her molesting my face while we had our quick cuddle. Ugh, I love her.

Light is on and she's ready for a rainy afternoon nap. That is, of course, after she finishes her afternoon dessert!

Hope you're staying dry today! I'll see her next week :)


  1. Your dogwalker is very thorough. And I love that she included a photo!

  2. this is just fantastic. i love this feature, and this has been the best one yet.

    so how about it--do you think havi was having issues with the rain?

  3. Yes, Princess Havi certainly hates to get wet!