Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Havi's Hanukkah List

Havi joined in on a family tradition this Thanksgiving....writing down her Hanukkah list!  We got Havi for Hanukkah last year (not really, her impromptu adoption coincided with the holiday and our expenditure of $3,000 to make her sick shelter pup self all better).  We decided last year as well as this year that taking care of Havi's medical and life costs throughout the year would be the Two Grads presents to each other.  We celebrate the holiday with traditional customs and one yummy night out (we'll blog about the customs and fab dinner later).  

We decided to do a fun holiday present series and we wanted to list some things the Two Grads and their Pittie are wishing for this holiday season.  With this list we were hoping to give you some ideas, you can give us some ideas, and maybe even ways to save on these wishes.  We will also be doing a volunteer for the holidays post!

Without further adieu, Havi's Hanukkah Happy Holiday list!

1. The pink gingham martingdale collar from Sirius Republic.  (She specified the pink, she has this complex where people think shes a boy.)

Specifically, this one with the words "Peace, Love, Pitbull" sewn on!  So cute!  Its amazing!  Havi already has a GREAT collar from winning Sarge's Peeps on Parade, but another one could never hurt.  Additionally, if she let us know that if we enter RPHD08 in the rescue code box, a percentage goes to Handsome Dan's Rescue!

It gets cold for a pup in this huge city.  Havi has told us many times that she needs some winter items...  

2. She's super jealous of her doppleganger Miss Crazy Maisie's sweater from Our Waldo Bungie.
this picture is reprinted with permission of Maisie's agent

3. She also hinted that a winter jacket would be a great addition to her ensemble.  Anyone have any ideas or recommendations?!

4. A new dog bed wouldn't hurt.  Her current one is from HomeGoods and is a nice grey bed that matches the rest of the room for $20 that she got as a present from her grandparents.  She mentioned shed like one for the bedroom, for when we push her off the bed!

What does your pup want this Holiday Season?  Have any recommendations for us or ways to save?

Be sure to check out Two Pitties in the City for their list today on what to have in a home when you bring home your first dog!  Also, A&A Friese have some great information on winter dog-gear, and they're Alaskan experts!


  1. I think Havi would look super cute in a sweater like Maisie's! If you're looking for a dog bed, definitely check out mollymutt.com - they have really cool patterns and their duvets are washable and very durable!

  2. Thats a good list, Mine just want lots of nylabones

    Stop on by for a visit

  3. Nice list Havi!

    Sophie has been hinting at wanting new nylabones and a backpack :-)

  4. havi would look smashing in Ruffwear's Cloud Chaser jacket

    We have one we never use (having four double coated dogs) if it fits her I would love to send it! Ours is a SMALL.

  5. aw, Maisie's agent was happy to donate use of the photo. Maisie, on the other hand, asked if her check is in the mail. ;)

    p.s. overstock.com often has good deals on dog beds, and shipping is just $2.95

  6. I second MollyMutt- I love their duvets! My pups are hoping for bully sticks and maybe a few stuffed toys that still have squeakers in them... And I'd love to see Havi in a Maisie-mimicked sweater!

  7. I see Havi's point, pink would definitely be her colour. It would show off her gorgeous black fur to its utmost. But how could anyone think she was a boy? She is way too sweet. Not to mention intelligent. ;-)

    I didn't know that about Sirius, that the donate money to Handsome Dan. Thanks for the info!

  8. @Of Pitbulls and Patience and Our Waldo Bungie - On our way to check out MollyMutt

    @InuBakaBlog - You are SO sweet, unfortunately Havi is double that size!!

    Hope everyone enjoys their nylabones!! Havi destroys them in seconds ;)

  9. I'm sure Izzy's "grandma" bought her lots of toys, so she doesn't need those on her list. But she could use a new raincoat!

    Sam's Club, Costco, etc. have the best prices on dog beds that I've seen. Check them out!

  10. That looks like a great wish list. I love the Sirius Republic collar!
    My mom always buys Reggie a special rawhide for Christmas. She wraps it in wrapping paper and he actually opens it. I hope I get a video of it this year.

    I'm heading over to check out Maisie's sweaters now.