Thursday, November 10, 2011

More Birthday Events!

I thought I would share some pictures from my birthday fun!  The weekend kicked off with a party at our apartment (which we also called our 7-month housewarming).  

My girls devoured these chips!  The napkins say "There is nothing in life a straight iron and glass of wine can't fix." 
We love cinnamon candles, and always look for the cheap ones or the ones on sale!
Everyone in my birthday has a birthday sign they get for their 1st birthday.  It gets put up every year.  So, mine is 25 years old!
That's Havi checking out the food options.
Our chalkboard wall guest book!
The drink and food spread...
This mixer cracks me up.  Its a penguin!
The famous chocolate lollipops!
Havi waiting for her guests!
 On Saturday, we went out with my family to BLT Bar & Grill for some burgers!

Havi showing me birthday love!
 After a dinner with my girls at The Smith (delicious mac and cheese, tuna tar tar, artichoke spread, and salmon) I went with DS to see a movie with our BuyWithMe tickets, where we got 4 tickets for $33!
No one thought it was weird I was posing with this sign?! 
I got a delicious Crumbs cupcake form my friend!
Havi looks scared!

Havi is exhausted from all the celebrating!

Birthday Freebies:  My favorite birthday gifts, are the freebies!  This year I got a free scoop from Basin Robbins, free medium drink from Dunkin Donuts, free Philosophy bath wash from Sephora, and free pancakes and a milkshake from my favorite diner, Big Daddy's!  Usually all you have to do is sign up for their newsletter!

What fun ways do you celebrate brithdays?!  Any birthday freebies you love?!


  1. Wow now that is some birthday celebrating! Glad you had a good one. Okay are you ready to come live in rural KY & let me live your exciting life for a while?

  2. Happy Birthday! I love that sign that is 25 years old...how cool is that? And your chalkboard wall guestbook. We should put ours to good use.

  3. Havi...you is one lucky ducky...all that celebrating and all the treats that fall your way. Oh to live there so we could high 5 each other and dance the doggy dance of fun and merriment. Love the birthday twadition!!!!Sophie Doodle!!

  4. Happy Birthday! My favorite birthday freebie is the free flowers from Trader Joe's!

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog, it was fun to jump over here and check yours out. I love your family tradition about the birthday sign, that's awesome. Your Havi is adorable!! :)