Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Two Peas in a Pod are Thankful For...

It seems to be the theme this week to list the things you are thankful for...so here we go!

Two Grad Students on DS's 26th Birthday at Sammy's Roumanian
-Havi. In exactly one week it will be a year that Havi's awesome foster parents emailed us the below photo of Havi.  Having never had a dog (forget about a rescue or a pitbull) I saw the picture and just knew, and we submitted the application the next day.  Havi has brought so much extra love not only into our home, but our relationship.  She taught us more responsibility, budgeting, care, compassion, and forgiveness than we would have learned in a lifetime.  Overwhelmingly, I am also thankful for NYC being so supportive of pitbulls (free spay, neuter, vaccinations!)

Vintage Havi!
-Our apartment.  Picking, renting, and decorating our first home together is an awe-inspiring experience.  There is something unique about coming home to something that is "your" home, that you built together.
-Our parents.  Its rare that two people have two sets of parents that are so encouraging.  Our parents are not only our role models, but good friends.  They are supportive of our career goals, our relationship with each other, and our newest recipes.  We are truly lucky.

-Our friends.  We're insanely blessed to have friends that have become our family.  Our childhood friends moved with us into NYC, and the bonds you have with someone who has seen and let you grow into an adult is outstanding.

-Our goals.  We both sunk a lot of debt into attending graduate school.  Sometimes the lack of funds, lack of time, and lack of patience is overwhelming.  But most of the time, its amazing to know you're good at something, and that people will benefit from your skill.

-Our health.  When I was little my mom would say this and I would think only parents would say that-what a grown up thing to be thankful for!  Now I realize, your health is paramount.  We are lucky to not only have health insurance, but supportive and skilled doctors/pharmacists.

and now some silly thankfullness:

-Law Student's Dunkin Donuts Sleeve.  How great?!  Keeps my fingers warm and the drink doesn't drip.  Why didn't I think of this?!

-Our new iPhones and Kindles.  This past year DS's parents got our iPhones and LS's parents got our Kindles.  I know, I know we're all too dependent on technology.  But the phone makes life infinitely easier, and DS loves the games Doodle Jump and Words with Friends.  The Kindle allows us to read more easily because its so light to travel with!  (Will I make it to my goal of 26 books by December 31?!) Oh, also - DVR, WHY DID I NOT INVENT THIS?!

-Smelly cinnamon pinecones from Bed Bath & Beyond.  We both love the smell of cinnamon? and pinecones are so autumnal! What's better?!

-Warm showers.  Bad day, overtired - no better cure! Whenever I was sick, my dad would tell me to take a shower.  To this day, the power of a warm shower is overwhelming.

10. My indoor/outdoor rug.  Living with a pup that throws up every once in a while, its great to have an easy to clean rug (its the little things in life...)
Home Decorator's!
-We have to say it, the blog world.  Its so fun to put our thoughts and pictures down in this online journal.  But its even more amazing for the support and love we receive over the Internet daily.

-Greasy food. I refuse to explain further.

-The belief that people are truly good at heart.

-Season tickets to see the Devils and the Islanders (are we the only hockey fans left?!)

-The ability to budget successfully with helps from blogs, books, Amazon Prime, Etsy, and FreshDirect.

What are you thankful for?!
Like lists?!  Stay tuned Friday for our Holiday Present List!


  1. Sounds like you have a lot to be thankful for :)

  2. "the belief that all people are truly good at heart" is one of my favorite AF quotes.

  3. I loved your list! I identified with your indoor/outdoor rug making the list. I have those Flor carpet tiles for the same reason. :)
    We all have a lot to be thankful for!

  4. great list! i really enjoyed this post.

    the indoor/outdoor rug is such a good idea. never even considered it. how does it stand up against the occasional potty #1 incident? we've had to throw out so many rugs already, and though desmond is completely trained and all that, i'm scared to spend hundreds of dollars on a new rug just to have it ruined on some rare day.