Friday, November 25, 2011

Weekly Feature: Love Letters from a Dogwalker

We spent the day in NJ yesterday, and RuffCity Dogwalking came through and visited Havi!  We felt that 11 people and 3 dogs was just too many animals to throw Havi in the mix.  But it seems like Havi had a great time with their new walker, Caroline!


So happy to meet the cutest Pitty girl ever!  I think I'm in love...

She was super excited when I picked her up and it took me a few minutes to get her calmed down and leashed.

We headed out and she went both 1 & 2 pretty much right away.  We walked around the neighborhood and she enjoyed sniffing around and peed a couple more times.  Got stubborn when we would see another dog, but I got her to move on pretty quickly.

Came home and gave her some spring water and her peanut butter Kong and she was in heaven!  Crated her back up and we said our goodbyes.  Hope to see this princess again!  Happy Thanksgiving!  :)


PS - used the last poop bag FYI!
PPS - left her light on :)

Did you see our thankful post?  And our NYC Thanksgiving pic?  How was your Thanksgiving?!

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  1. Havi is lucky to have dog walkers who love her so much!