Friday, November 11, 2011

Weekly Feature: Love Letters From a DogWalker

Oh how we love RuffCity dogwalking...

I was so happy to see her today! It feels like its been forever. She felt the same way as she got all Roly-Poly when I picked up the harness. 

She sat everywhere else though perfectly, even in the elevator! 

Unfortunately the park was empty so we threw the ball around for awhile and I fetched it each time ;) She wouldn't even put it in her mouth, but she never hesitated to chase it so for the sake of exercise I obliged! We kept waiting and hoping for a playmate but no one showed up :( So we left and took the last 20 minutes to walk around in the beautiful weather. The walk home wasn't bad at all, probably because we weren't coming straight back from the park- I tricked her! ;) She had a soft poop at the park, just a little softer than normal. 

Back at home I finished off the spring water in her bowl and gave her her big treat! Turned on the light too. Thanks so much for the lollipop- just what I needed! I've also credited you the $5 :) 

Have a great weekend- can't wait to see her next week! 

They even left me this note:

Does your dog get walked or do they go to playgroup?  What is the best thing about your service?!

P.S. Dental Student wanted me to point out that on Saturday morning, before dinner with my family, he took me to David Burke Townhouse for lunch.  His restaurants are across the country (including Chi-Town) and are GORGEOUS.  We had pretzel encrusted crabcakes, a pasta dish, seared tuna burger, and apple crumb pie.  Also, after the party at my apartment we went to the Gansevoort on Park for dancing (this is where the Kardashians is filmed in NYC), we then were not so classy when we ate 2am greasey diner food.  Sunday night after relaxing all day we went to a law school friend's wedding at my dream venue, the Angel Orensanz Foundation (look how dressy we look).  I think that sums up my birthday weekend!


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday weekend! Sophie goes to daycare, one days its a group off leash hike and the other its playing at the daycare's facilities. Best thing about the services, getting to see pictures and they pick her up. The pick up makes life so much easier since I have to leave my house early because of my commute.

  2. Happy Birthday to you! I hope Havi got you something special. :) It sounds like you had a lovely weekend.