Friday, December 23, 2011

Our Favorite Web Sites!

A couple of week's ago Havi gave you her Hanukkah Wish List!  We decided this week would be another week of favorites, wishes, and presents!

Thursday - Our Favorite Web Sites

We feel that we always finds amazing web sites that make life easier and wanted to share our favorites!

1. Pinterest.  When I discovered this it was game over.  Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board.  You see something you like on the internet (maybe the perfect way to redo your kitchen, a good present for Aunt Barbara, a fun new dog toy) you hit the "Pin It" button and it appears on your virtual bulletin board.  They have a great iPhone app!  

2. Mint.  Mint helps you keep track of all your funds in one place.  You enter your savings, checking, CDs, mutual funds, loans, etc.  It even gives great tips on how to best manage your funds.

3. Etsy.  I think most people in blogville know about Etsy.  It is a site where you can buy handmade and vintage items.  We have bought Dental Student cufflinks, a Hanukkah present for Law Student's family, a personalized puzzle for Best Friend, coasters, wall stencils, and prints!  Check out our profile!

4. Sidetour.  We recently read about this Web site in the NYTimes.  It is a site for authentic experiences.  Want a famous chef to make you dinner in their home, take a tour of Indian NYC restaurants, go sailing?  Just sign on!  Or host an event exploiting your specialty.

5. GoodReads.  Law Student LOVES GoodReads.  You can keep a record of books you want to read, have others suggest books to you, and review your books.  Law Student is currently in a GoodReads challenge to read 36 books in 2011.  (She's read 26, but started in March in her defense!)  Make us your friend on GoodReads!

6. Doodle.  The ULTIMATE scheduling tool!  Simply enter in a few dates and times for your meeting, Secret Santa meet up, or plans with friends and Doodle sends out the link.  Everyone picks the times they are available and then Doodle lets you know when most people are available.

7. PayPal.  So you buys something and 20 people need to pay you back, now you have to hope those 20 people will mail you a check or drop off the money.  Instead, sign into PayPal and click "gift."  Then the money is transferred in 60 seconds from their account to yours.  Easy as pie!

8. DropBox.  Dental Student and I love lists.  Restaurants we want to attend, presents we have received, money we owe.  But we were sick of emailing the list to each other and hoping each other saved it.  Enter DropBox.  A virtual filing cabinet.  Access those files from any computer in the world or your iPhone.  Best part?  If your computer or phone crashes your files are saved because its Internet accessible!

9. HopStop.  How do I get from here to there?  HopStop is the ultimate directions.

10. Key Ring.  Law Student always forgets her password.  This handy app remembers ALL your passwords and will destruct if your phone is lost or stolen

What are your favorite Web sites and applications?!

Pittie Posse Secret Santa

A couple of week's ago Havi gave you her Hanukkah Wish List!  We decided this week would be another week of favorites, wishes, and presents!

Thursday - Our Favorite Web Sites
Friday - Pittie Posse Secret Santa Reveal!

We could NOT wait for today to come!  When Our Waldo Bungie asked us to participate in the Pittie Posse Secret Santa we were honored and thrilled!  

Last Friday when we got an email from That Touch of Pit with this picture in it we were very confused:

Then, when we got home we found a bag waiting for us with two very special toys for Havi!  She could NOT wait to light the candles and see her presents!

Then, we saw a card from Josh and Jen from That Touch of Pit that a pup had been named after Law Student at Animal Haven!

Lighting the candles!
Jax and Havi enjoying Secret Santa!



Not only did Secret Santa make Havi happy, interest the blog world, but it was able to help pups in an amazing shelter.  No Holiday present could be better!

Head on over to Our Waldo Bungie to see what we got them!

Then check out the rest of the participating blogs:

Thanks again for an amazing idea and a lot of fun!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

If you get, you gotta give!

A couple of week's ago Havi gave you her Hanukkah Wish List!  We decided this week would be another week of favorites, wishes, and presents!

Wednesday - Volunteer/Give Back This Season List
Thursday - Our Favorite Web Sites
Friday - Pittie Posse Secret Santa Reveal!

Yesterday, Aleks from Love and a Six-Foot Leash told us about how she spent her birthday bringing bully sticks to dogs in a local shelter.  Last week, Josh from That Touch of Pit shared some Holiday Gifts that Give Back!  Even Comeback Kid Baxter hosted a comment-athon in order to donate 200lb of kibble!  Law Student once started a non-profit organization that links up young professional with service opportunities.  So we know plenty of great ways to give back in NYC this time of year.

The Two Grad Students and Havi's Giving Back in NYC List

1. Give blood!  Seriously, it doesn't hurt and it is not as scary as you think it is.  If you sit for 12 minutes you get a cookie and safe a life.  Not a bad deal.  Check out NY Blood Center for a location near you.

2. Toys for Tots!  Many locations, including Law Student's fathers Long Island Office and our own apartment building have drop off locations.  A little short on funds?  A coloring book and crayons from the dollar store will change a little kid's holiday.

3. Clean out your closet!  There are definitely five items you do not wear anymore.  I know three places that would wear it (1) Connie's Closet who works with children in foster care, (2) Goodwill who works with the unemployed and disadvantaged, and (3) Dress for Success who will provide professional attire to disadvantaged women.

4. God's Love We Deliver is an awesome foundation downtown where you can help package up food for men, women, and children living with serious illness.

5. Help your pup do something great and donate towels, blankets, food, or love to your local animal shelter!

How are you getting and giving?!

P.S. Thanks Life With Sophie for the Liebster Award!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Law and Dental Students Wish List

A couple of week's ago Havi gave you her Hanukkah Wish List!  We decided this week would be another week of favorites, wishes, and presents!

Tuesday - Dental and Law Student's Wish List
Wednesday - Volunteer/Give Back This Season List
Thursday - Our Favorite Web Sites
Friday - Pittie Posse Secret Santa Reveal!

Law Student's Wish List

1. Okay, normally a scale would totally suck as a present.  However, I am a Weight Watchers Lifetime Member.  Basically, I get to weigh in at a WW location for free every week and use the support of meetings.  But now, Lifetime Members can use eTools for free at home, so I would basically use the support power online and weigh in at home!  Win-Win.
I particularly like this one from Bed, Bath, & Beyond.  (Gotta love those 20% off coupons!)

2. Over the TV in the living room is missing something.  Simple black shelves from Ikea would totally transform the area.  

3.  I love comfy shoes for walking to work or hanging in the library.  A new pair of Tom's or Minnetonka's would make my feet very happy this winter!

I also learned this morning from Fantabulously Frugal, that Tom's is creating a ballet slippers line for Spring!

5. More of my signature scent, Allure by Chanel.

6. Gift cards to AMC Theaters, CVS, Dunkin Donuts, Forever21.

7. A new Nalgene water bottle.

8. A spa day!

9. A Keurig Elite Brewing System.  Instead of spending a lot of money per day on my iced coffee at Dunkin, this little baby would save us a lot of time and money if we buy the pods at CostCo.

10. More clothes could never TRULY hurt anyone I suppose...

Dental Student's Wish List

1. A v-neck sweater for nights out in NYC.

2. Hockey Equipment, I play in a league at Chelsea Piers on Saturdays.  I specifically could use a new bag and gloves. I've used Hockey Monkey before and liked them.  

3. Apple OSx Lion.  Now that we both have iPhones, it would be great to have iCloud, which we can only download on our Macs with Lion.  

4. IPad2.  Enough said.

5. MIE2I Headset, I am very picky about headphones.

P.S. Law Student got Dental Student these cufflinks from Etsy from Velvet Frog Creations for my birthday a while back.  Forgot to mention how great they are.  Definitely a conversation starter.

We thought this week would be a fun way to share presents we received, are wishing for, volunteer options, and things we're doing this holiday season!  We hope we give you some good ideas, and maybe you can give us some!  So what are you wishing for, what did you get, what did you give?!

P.S. Tonight is the first night of Hanukkah.  Click here for Hanukkah in a nutshell!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Favorite Things Week!!

A couple of week's ago Havi gave you her Hanukkah Wish List!  We decided this week would be another week of favorites, wishes, and presents!

Sunday - Our Favorite Things
Monday - Dental Student's Wish List
Tuesday - Law Student's Wish List
Wednesday - Volunteer/Give Back This Season List
Thursday - Our Favorite Web Sites
Friday - Pittie Posse Secret Santa Reveal!

Two Grad Students and a Pittie Favorite Things 2011

Law Student desperately wants to get on of these for her best friend, its a super fun apron from Flirty Aprons!

We LOVE candles.  We usually try to get cinnamon scented candles from the dollar store, but sometimes we're lucky to get a Yankee Candle!

My favorite kind of eyeliner!  L'Oreal Telescopic Eyeliner in Black (also in Grey and Brown) available at any convenience store for $10 or online for $6.  (We recommend CVS, due to their ExtraCare Program as well as great deals on make-up.)

The only magazine we currently subscribe to (thanks frequent flyer miles conversion!) is Real Simple.  I love the great ideas for the home, beauty, and ideas for saving money.

And our number one favorite thing for 2011 is an extra blanket around the house, so the pup doesn't steal your blanket!

Share with us some of your favorite things!  What can't you live without?  What product do you love?  Enlighten us!

What Schedule?!

We had a goal of posting every weekday.  But finals have messed us up.  No posts one week, 5 the next.  And now, a weekend post.

Please read Two Pitties in the City post from yesterday regarding the tragic fire that occurred in the home of the Houston Pittie Pack.  Then, please head on over to Mayzie'sDogBlog and donate to the chip in relief fund.  We cannot imagine rescuing 7 pups, then a fire a ravaging your home and taking 5 of those pups away.  They are always in our thoughts.

Thinking of the Houston Pittie Pack
P.S. a New York Times article from yesterday regarding the best apartment breeds.  We're wondering why they didn't ask us?!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Catching Ya Up!

Some fun things have been going on over here!  Time to catch you up...

CowSpotDog sent us our first Holiday Card of the season...actually, they just sent it to Havi!

Baxter, the wonderful Comeback Kid of foster dogs over at Peace.Love.Fostering is having a Facebook Comments for kibble!  For every comment (up to 200 comments) they will donate 1 pound of kibble to MCHS.  What are you waiting for?!  Go!

The Pit Bull Frogs Calendar is out and ready to order this holiday season!  Check it out - 12 months of pit bulls in the frog pose!  Proceeds benefit Bad Rap, Stubby Dog, and Hello Bully.

Also check out Candy Chang, I've seen her "Before I Die in Brooklyn" work.

Lastly, we are participating in the Pittie Posse Secret Santa, and we're putting our item in the mail tomorrow!  Check out the fellow bloggers: Love and a Six-Foot Leash, Our Waldo Bungie, Two Pitties in the City, Pittieful Love, Twenty-Six to Life, That Touch of Pit can't wait to reveal our present on December 23, 2011!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Weekly Feature: Love Letters From A Dogwalker

RuffCity Dogwalking's Heather walked Havi on a very rainy December 6!

She actually sat and 'waited' in her crate. I put it in ' ' because it wasn't perfect t but you could tell she was trying so hard to override her excitement!

Best leash up yet! She was still overly excited but only slight roly-poly and kiss attack.

There was a strong mist coming down so I didn't have much hope for the park but we headed that way anyways to at least let her run after the ball a few times. We stayed for about 15 minutes and I kicked the ball repeatedly for her. She of course ran after it but no returns.

It started to rain harder so better to be moving. We walked around for the last bit and came home only a few minutes early for a little snuggle :)

No poop again this week- what gives? The rain? She only peed once too...

She did great on our stroll, only a few hesitations on her part. She did randomly lunge and growl at a dark grey poode-lish pup we passed on 35th between 1st and 2nd. It was especially strange as we were almost past him when she did it. I've never seen her do that before and seemed very out of character! Does she know him from the building?

Back inside she still had water left and I didn't know if it was the last of the spring or not so I didn't empty it but she didn't want to drink any :( Her food also looked pretty untouched (still had the sprinkled powder on top).

I didn't see a towel out but looked for one in the closet and chose a smaller one to dry her off. It's laying on top of her crate. Hope that's ok!

I'm not sure if she's allowed on the couch but she went right for it and I allowed it because I know she's welcome on the chair (and I wanted to cuddle ;). Attached is a pic of her molesting my face while we had our quick cuddle. Ugh, I love her.

Light is on and she's ready for a rainy afternoon nap. That is, of course, after she finishes her afternoon dessert!

Hope you're staying dry today! I'll see her next week :)

Wordless Wednesday

Havi all tired out after a late night playdate with her BFF Jax!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Weekly Feature: Love Letters from a Dogwalker

Havi and her walker...its really just a love affair...

O man. She was extra excited to see me today coming out of her crate. I tried to have her sit and stay after I opened the door but she zoomed right out. It was a struggle getting her harness on because instead of roly-poly, I got a face kiss attack!

I was singing a Havi Christmassong on the way to the park and she kept looking up at me from the corner of her eye like 'cut it out, dude'.

Unfortunately no one was there when we got there so I played fetch with myself while she followed alongside and then we drank some smartwater and waited a few minutes for a pal.

Archie showed up and since they've had some issues in the past the owner was a little timid today. So instead of risking setting her up for failure we headed out for a very brisk long stroll around the neighborhood.

To everyone's surprise and joy we ran into Kellie on her way to her next pup! Havi was thrilled!! We even got to walk a few blocks on 3rd avenue with her :)

She was so good with her sits at corners I couldn't resist kneeling down everytime and molesting her with hugs and kisses!

That is quite the afternoon delight I pulled out of the freezer for her lucky girl! Turned on the light and her bowls are in the sink.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Monthly Feature: Big Dog, Small Budget

We started this Monthly Feature to explain how we live with a big dog on a small budget.  Many people wrote they don't or can't even imagine how much they spend per month.  The simple fact is that we live loan to loan so we have to really contemplate the value of each $ spent.  Additionally, we thought that by sharing the various sites and coupons we use, we may give others good ideas.  Alternatively, if we're spending too much money - we were hoping you would share some good ideas!

So here is our November round-up!  

3 Dog Walking Sessions with RuffCity DogWalkers - $70 
(Her Thanksgiving walk was only 30 minutes, which is $15, with a $5 holiday cost)
Pet Dental Toothpaste from Amazon Prime - $5.43
12 Months of FrontLine from PetSupplies.com - $137.88
800 Poop Bags from Amazon - $1.49 
(The original cost of the poop bags was $26.49, but Law Student participated in a focus group at school and received a $25 Amazon gift card)
November Total: $239.79

June: $149.31
July: $111.99
August: $193.22
September: $182.83
October: $198.63
November: $239.79
YTD: $1075.77

This month was definitely more expensive than most.  This is mostly due to the cost of FrontLine.  However, the FrontLine and poop bags last one full year.  Luckily, we saved some money with only three walks and that Amazon gift card!

Any tips on ways to save?!

PS We are going to start responding to blog comments...you guys always say such helpful things!