Monday, September 26, 2011

Full Tummys!

DS always spoke about how much he loves street food.  It always grossed me out, but last year when I saw Urban Oyster has a walking tour of famous food cart and trucks, I knew we had to go on it!

We had a blast, and it led to me loving the history of food vendors as well!  We frequently take Havi for a walk and attend some of our favorite vendors.

So this year, we splurged and bought tickets to the 7th Annual Vendy Awards on Governor's Island...

What a FILLING weekend!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Love Letters From A Dogwalker!

Yesterday we found out that Dental Student passed Part I of the NBDE's (Dental Boards) and today he turned 26!  I love you, Dental Student, I am a better person because of you.  So lucky to have you to eat greasy food and watch Spaceballs with.

 I also had my first interview for a job upon graduation.  Big things are happening over here with the Two Grad Students and A Pittie!

We had a late night last night, so our walker came over!

The silly UN General Assembly kept is from going to the park today :( So we walked over to the East River to catch some breezes. 

Unfortunately that ended too earlier than usual so we hit the street for some strolling. She was a huge love bug today. Ever corner we had to wait at I knelt down to give her some scratches and she returned with kisses. I couldn't help myself- people probably thought I was such a creep! 

She started resisting about 35 minutes in so we headed back for some indoor loving. We played with her antler for a little and then did some serious snuggling- she's an aggressive spoon partner ;) Got two pees while we were out but no poop :( I spring water-ed her and gave her a milkbone before heading out. 

How's her stomach doing?? Hope you guys have a great night!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Thanks For Your Help!

I am going to try to address the answers to many of your questions in the comments.  You all helped and responded to how to help Havi's tummy on Thursday!

As far as the teeth, you guys were all over the place.  Dental Student is going to buy wipes and let you know his review later this month!

1. Holistic Vet - This is definitely an option.  But why do so many of you favor a holistic vet?  Do you see one for yourselves?  

2.  Pumpkin - While a good idea, this is more of a quick fix.

3. Her poops do not look like cow pie.  They are usually semi-solid.  When she has these bouts in the middle of the night, its ultra loose and looks to be covered in a jelly film.  (There's a sentence I never thought I'd type!)

4. Wellness Large Breed or Orijen Reginal Red food.  This is always an option.  However, Evo Red Meat is already the third food we have tried with Havi.  (Hill's Science Diet, Wellness, Canidae)

5. We have not ruled out IBS, however, there is no cure for that in humans, is there one for pups?

6. Another opinion - Next time her tummy acts up, this may be what we do.  Fresh eyes are always the best!  We've gotten a few NYC recommendations.  Any others, who loves their vet?!  Why do some people jump to a specialist?

7. ProBiotic - She is already on one!  Missing Link!

8. Endoscopy - May be our next step with the new vet.  We have also heard sonogram.  

9. Our fears with a raw diet is because we're just kinda grossed out by it...and truthfully don't get it.  It would also hurt our wallet.  

Most common question:  MILKBONES.  Yes, we know.  Crappy food/treat.  Especially because we give her a grain-free diet.  Honestly, we know this is not what caused Havi's problems.  We did many diets where we add in all foods and take out all foods.  Milkbones are just so mild (despite their grains) that they do not influence her tummy.  

Next step: Next time Havi acts up we think you are right and going to another vet.  But holistic, specialist, or regular old vet-thats our next decision.  Sigh, no pet insurance, but that discussion is for another day.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Weekly Feature: Love Letters From A Dogwalker: Havi Starts Listening!

We've gotten such fun feedback on our Thursday Love Letter From A Dogwalker Series! We feel that everyone relates to the problems Havi still has as a young dog that we've had for less than a year.  Additionally, it's kinda fun to see how a pup spends her day without you!  Enjoy...

Ah so good to have her back in my life! I missed her! And so did Jax and Sophie who we planned to meet at the park :)

She did better with getting the harness on, timewise at least. She was still jumpypants and circling but let me hold her and get it on. Then she sat whenever prompted, including the elevator where her paws constantly slip on the floor!

I've been trying to get her to move away from the gate when another pup is coming in. She jumps and barks, only wanting to play, but sometimes scares them! When I call her to come you can see her start to but the temptation and anticipationis just too great. I then go over and make her sit a few feet away and wait for the dog to enter. Then its a free-for-all!

Everyone was kinda lazy today. It was constant movement (mostly on Havi's part) but not a ton of wrestling. It's pretty hot out so I don't blame her!

She also hung out with Sailor, Molly, and Buddy, all of whom were just as hot as she was! She spent the last few minutes after her friends left laying in the shade, taking in some fresh air.

Then she came when called to get leashed up and head home. The walk back was slow but steady. Only when we hit shade under scaffolding did she stall...again, I don't blame her!

Attached is her typical position in the elevator :)

Got her new water and a big milkbone, and of course tons of kisses.

I didn't see an envelope so ill grab it next week :)

Enjoy this day!

PS. Saw the Terps glass when I was filling her water. I went to Maryland! Did one of you??

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Need Advice

Dental Student updates in red

Its time to employ the expertise of Blogville.  Dental Student could not wait for me to write this post.  You  see, we have two questions:

1. Being the excellent dentist he is, Dental Student wants to start brushing Havi's teeth.  Recommendations on tooth brush, toothpaste, and routine, please!  Has anyone used a toothpaste versus dental wipes, what would you recommend?

2. We have spoken so many time during our first three months with Havi that she had an awful tummy problem.  You can read more about it here.  But basically, we did everything (multiple blood tests, fecal tests, giardia tests) and yet, she would wake up in the middle of the night and poop on the floor.  After we our last post 6 months ago, you all recommended a raw diet.  When we were scared, you suggested Evo Red Meat formula and Missing Link Probiotic.  Well, Havi has been waking up in the middle of the night again.  Our options, as we see them
-Go back to our vet
-Go to a new vet
-Go to a specialist
-Start a raw diet
PLEASE, any other options, or ideas what may be wrong with our Havi.  She cries when she poops in the middle of the night and even bleeds at times.  She does not wimper, she just gets sad and bows her head, because she knows pooping in the apartment as bad.  There is not blood in the stool, its probably due to a fissure, we believe.  This does not happen everyday like it used to, it is once every other week, which makes us think it could be attributed to something she ate.  (She has 2 cups of Evo per day and 1 MilkBone three times a week).

Thanks, in advance as always!  I promise for a more fun post tomorrow!

P.S. I am going to reply to the comments to help the brainstorming process.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Book Review: #s 20-23

I have finished four more books toward my goal of 36 books in the year 2011.  According to my tracker, I am two books behind!  Check out my GoodReads Widget on the right to become my friend on GoodReads and see other books I have read this year!

#20 The Bridesmaid Guide By Kate Chynowyth (1 out of 5 stars)
I hated Girl With the Dragon Tattoo so much that I stopped and read this in one day. I have never been a bridesmaid before, and now Im a Maid of Honor. I thought this book would have some helpful hints and ideas. I was wrong! Its everything you can get from watching a movie. I wouldn't recommend!

#21 The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson (3 out of 5 stars)
I don't even know how I feel about this book right now. I hated it, and it took me a full 1.5 weeks to get through the first 50%. I kept on reading because everyone said "I had to." Then the last 50% I loved and read in three days. It was a murder mystery and a financial mystery masterfully written. I got very caught up in the details, which I didnt realize were unnecessary until the end, which was annoying. But Im about to download the second book, so who knows! I will update you!

#22 The Girl Who Played with Fire by Stieg Larsson (5 out of 5 stars)
This was my favorite book in the series by far. I loved how he touched upon the previous book and used all sorts of history to come to a page-turning conclusion!

#23 The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest by Stieg Larsson (5 out of 5 stars)
This was an interesting conclusion to the trilogy and all I can say is I want more! Brilliantly written. Cannot wait for the movie!

Monday, September 12, 2011

A Fabulous Weekend!

Dental Student and I magically had off this Friday.  Sometimes you don't question, you just go with it!  After waking up and running some errands (which MAY have included Dental Students first pedicure) we decided to take advantage of the perfect summer weather.

We packed up Havi and headed over to Banc, a restaurant nearby with a yummy brunch menu.  The best part of the meal is we realized how far Havi has come when dining outside with us.  She used to pace and beg next to the table (things she actually never did at home).  She would also bug the other tables.  When we got to Banc we sat in a shady are in the corner so Havi would not be in the way.  I handed her a deer antler and she settled down under Dental Students chair and didn't move the full hour we were there!  We went on a very long walk to reward Havi's excellent behavior.

Then, the inevitable happened.  My Mac crashed.  We bought our Macs exactly two years ago when we were starting Graduate School.  The past 2 months I was getting the "spinny wheel of death" every time I tried to do something.  (Hence why the blog posts were short and sweet.)  Finally, on Friday it just stopped turning on.  Tracy, our amazing Genius at the Genius Bar took the Mac to replace the hard drive and I'll get it back in 5-7 business days.  Luckily, Dental Student is AMAZING and registered me for AppleCare so the repair is free AND backed up my computer and lent me his so I survive this week of school.  I am one lucky chick.

Friday night we headed to a friend's apartment for Shabbat Dinner and Saturday we went to Long Island to watch Law Student's brother play an awesome game of Varsity soccer for his High School team. Then, I told Dental Student we had an annoying Law School dinner in the East Village.  When we got to the restaurant 12 people were waiting for him...his brother and sister-in-law and their friend, my brother, six friends from high school, a college friend, and dental school friend.  He was shocked and surprised.  He turns 26 in two weeks and I thought getting everyone together at Sammy's Roumanian would be the perfect present.  Apparently, I was right.  (Click the link to learn about Sammy's, a really cool and fun restaurant with a ton of history.)

Sunday was spent watching football and eating chicken dip.

Sorry for the lack of pictures, but they're obviously on my currently-being-repaired-computer!

What did you guys do this weekend!?

Friday, September 9, 2011

Weekly Feature: Love Letters From A Dogwalker

We both had a relatively light week last week, so we called off the dog walker so we could do her job!  On Labor Day, my mom called to invite us to Long Island for a BBQ.  It would be too hard to drive in and out of the city on Labor Day, so we called the dogwalker!  After tiring Havi out all weekend by going to NJ to play with her BFF Aunt Molly for two days, then walking around the city Sunday, we woke up early on Monday and took Havi on a two hour walk.  Then we left Havi for 5 hours to be surprised by the dogwalker!  Heather, our usual dogwalker sent Kellie to walk Havi.  They had a fun first meeting!

We share these letters because the dogwalker is working on the problems that we have been working on!  We hope that we can get your opinions and thoughts about Havi and her training.  Shes always learning!

Hey guys!

Hope you're enjoying the holiday weekend! Finally got my first walk with the lovely Havi today! She was a big old love bug when I came in, jumping on me but I corrected her. Getting the harness on was interesting since she kept flopping down on my hands.. She also laid down and started rolling around in the elevator. What a ham! I didn't let her get away with it though. She was very good on the leash, sitting at corners with some effort. She peed on the way to the park. There was a shiba inu there that got snippy with her pretty quickly, so Havi snapped at her. :( I got her away and sitting down fast, and the girl with the shiba inu left, citing they had been there awhile and knowing that her dog was the instigator. (Not to say Havi wasn't in the wrong as well.) It was just us after they left, so I tried throwing the ball some. She'd chase it, but lose interest and just go back to sniffing around and/or looking out for more dogs.  Eventually a guy showed up with a male, looked like a boxer with a bulldog face - not sure what breed that is. Once he established Havi was friendly.. He went to sit in his car next to the park. ??? Don't know if this guy is a regular or not, but thought it was strange. They did play really well together though, so they wrestled some energy out for awhile. She was def pooped by the end. Speaking of which, she pooped again on the way home. She did try to pounce on three runners this evening, to which I sternly told her no. And she was a little obstinate during our very slow walk home, but I'm well aware I'll be earning her respect and not handed it. :) And I fully intend to earn it. I got her fresh water and one of her milkbones when we got back, and I'll see her again soon hopfully! Enjoy the rest of the holiday!

Monthly Feature: Big Dog. Small Budget.

We started this Monthly Feature about three months ago to explain how we live with a big dog on a small budget.  Many people wrote they don't or can't even imagine how much they spend per month.  The simple fact is that we live loan to loan so we have to really contemplate the value of each $ spent.  Additionally, we thought that by sharing the various sites and coupons we use, we may give others good ideas.  Alternatively, if we're spending too much money - we were hoping you would share some good ideas!

So here is our August round-up (only 9 days late)!

4 Dog Walking Sessions with RuffCity DogWalkers - $100
2 Jumbo Antlers from PetFoodDirect with a HomeRun Deal for $15 for $30 - $10.59
Missing Link ProBiotic from PetsTruly - $22.64
Evo Red Meat Formula from ProperPet - $59.99
August Total: $193.22

June: $149.31
July: $111.99
August: $193.22
YTD: $454.52

This is Havi earning her keep by doing her chores around the house and helping make the bed!

Catching Up!

Havi and I are locked in the bedroom as the handyman fixes the parquet floor in the living room.  So its time to catch up on the posts!

Look out today for posts on:
Monthly Feature: Big Dog Small Budget
Weekly Feature: Love Letters From a Dogwalker
Weekly Feature: Animal Haven Shelter Volunteering

Can't wait for the comments!