Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

A little writer's block...

Anything you would like to hear about?!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Photo Montage Time...

From the first week Havi adopted us...

The photo her foster parents sent us.  It was all over after this one.
Our first family photo! 
True story:  I was scared of ALL dogs the day I decided we needed to rescue Havi.
The excitement started really tiring us all out. 
Because she was such a quick adoption, we didn't even have her crate yet!  She was allowed alone in our room, and I came home to this one day.

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Our Apartment Has Gone to the Dogs

Yesterday we were looking around, and realized most of our decor is dog-centric...

Our foyer upon closer inspection...
Doesn't this pup look Havi-like?! 
Our foyer bench is full of dog treats and toys 
This is also Havi's eating station
Our bathmat is actually just another place for Havi to sleep
We replaced the showerhead with a handheld one in order to bathe Havi
This beautiful box holds her toys

Our rug is indoor outdoor to clean up Havi messes 
In the summer, the balcony becomes Havi territory 
Our kitchen contains her snack bar
And her humongous crate sits right next to our dining table

Most of all...all our decor is black and white - like Havi!

How does your decor reflect your pup?!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

On Big Dogs In Small Spaces

Okay, Ill be honest, we aren't exactly living in the lap of luxury over here.  Our apartment is gorgeous, with pretty views and great amenities.  But square footage-wise...its not Rachel and Monica's apartment (Friends reference, people!!!).  Now Havi, being the gal she is, has never complained.  But that doesn't stop other people from doing so on her behalf...

People frequently stop us to say "you keep her in that apartment all day" or "how does she deal with being in such a small space" and our favorite "well I could never have a big dog because my apartment is too small."
Havi on her first day with us, letting us know her favorite thing to do is cuddle
Here's the best thing about dogs, especially Havis: they don't care!  Havi LOVES running around, playing fetch, etc.  But she doesn't do it in the apartment.  And come to think about it, our parent's dogs don't run around like crazy in their larger suburban homes (they are also both neat freaks, so I cannot imagine that would go over well).
To be, or not to be...
Havi gets walked by us four times a day, one of those walks is for an hour.  She goes to the dog park once a week with her dog walker.  She goes on a Big Apple Pittie Pack walk twice a month.  She rough houses in the apartment with her BFF Jax four times a week.
Dog Park Havi
Walking gear!
The rest of the time she kind of looks like this:

We think everyone has this image of Havi racing across our 500sq feet begging to get out, knocking over precious china in the process (as a sidenote, we have no precious china).  But honestly, most of the time our 73-pounder is just chilling on the couch.

Havi LOVES her crate while the Grad Students are away....
 In a 500sq foot apartment at any given time of day, Havi is usually just curled up on the couch.  So thanks everyone, Havi's fine, and actually - she hopes you'll give a big pup a tiny chance in your small space!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Third Pack Walk!

Yesterday we had our third Big Apple Pittie Pack walk down the Riverside Park Promenade.  It was a beautiful day to walk along the water.

We had 8 pooches and 10 humans, including some new faces!
Havi was all geared  up to join her third walk...
Gerti from Prettie Little Pittie led the way!
We took a quick water break halfway through
Dosa, our littlest member
Practicing some tricks to refocus

Adoptable Pinky from That Touch of Pit

Bird from that Touch of Pit repping the non-pitties

Receiving some post-walk love
Former lifer Alice 
Jackson was the only dude on this walk!

Hm, these pitties look simiar!
Dosa is Havi's mini-me in an Easy Walk Harness and hot pink Zac & Zooey hoodie!

Check out the Big Apple Pittie Pack on Facebook and MeetUp!

Friday, February 17, 2012

More Answers...

Well the questions keep on rolling in...so we thought we would answer them on this rainy Friday in NYC!  Rain basically means that Havi will refuse to go to the bathroom all day today!

A & A Friese asked: What will you call your blog when you two are all grown up and graduated??
Ah!  Graduated?!  It seems like it will never happen...I don't know if we could ever change the name!

Our Waldo Bungie asked: So when you both graduate, are you planning on staying in NYC or will you be moving elsewhere?

We are staying put.  Law Student is a NY girl through and through and she wouldn't pay extreme rent to live anywhere else.  We are both only taking licensing exams in NY as well, so that kind of ties us down.

Mayzie asked: Ummm...how has adopting Havi changed your life? 
Wow, Mayzie.  Loaded question!  Its funny, because Dental Student and I had only been together a year when we adopted Havi.  But now its like we were always this family that was meant to be.  Havi is that wiggly butt that makes us laugh, the eater of our couch that makes us angry, and the sick pup we nursed back to health.  When we adopted Havi my mom pointed out that we would have her through some pretty big milestones (moving in together, graduating, first jobs, marriage, possible a baby).  Its trite but true, Havi made us complete.

Goose asked: Havi, what is your FAVORITE place to sleep?
WHAT ISN'T HER FAVORITE PLACE TO SLEEP!?  Right now she is enjoying the couch, later shell probably move over to her bed, its really a cycle.  

Trinity's Love asked: I also would like to know, what Law Student plans to specialize in when she becomes a Lawyer?
Law Student is studying public interest law with a specialization in criminal and family law. Basically, any way she can give back to the community.  Either working for the government or a non-profit!

Thanks for all the questions!  It's been fun!  What are you doing this weekend?!

Running out of time - so check out the Facebook for more pics!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Havi's Stomach Issues

After I signed the papers, making Havi ours
We affectionately refer to our Havi as our million dollar free shelter pup.  When we adopted Havi she was a teeny tiny 45 pounds (she is now 73 pounds).  She had major tummy issues.  After 6 months and your help we solved that, and then started in on vomiting due to acid reflux.

Little did we know, filling these bowls would be a struggle

Havi now gets one cup of Evo Red Meat formula in the morning in a frozen kong and one cup in her bowl at night.
Havi's Evo Red Meat Formula
She gets a Milkbone (not the best in nutrients, but her stomach seems to do well) once a day.

When we work on her tricks she gets various high-value treats.  In Havi's morning food she gets a Pepcid pill for her acid reflux.  Additionally, all of her water is bottled, spring fed water for her stomach issues.
How long did it take you to find the perfect mixture for your pup?!