Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Feature: Love Letters From A Dogwalker

Long days for the Grad Students means playtime for Havi!

Hey there! Happy Monday :)

It's so so gorgeous outside, I was happy to take Havi girl for a nice long stroll. She was exuberant as usual when I came in, so we did a little dancing with some sweet kisses before I even attempted to harness her up. I grabbed a piece of cheese for the road, leashed her up and we headed out.

I took her up to 39th, over to third and the back down to 31st and back - lots of scenery, lots of pups. Mostly good interactions, save for one barking incident. She even made friends with another white pittie named Mushi, he was along for a few blocks at the end. I hope they see each other again because they were so fond of each other!

We practiced sitting on every corner - and cheese came in really handy in this department. :) she was really good most corners, although there was so much to look at it wasn't easy to stay focused!

She pooped (two times,both healthy!) and peed early on.

Back at home she got a bone and a water refill - then it was time to say bye! I tucked her back in and said my farewells... See her tomorrow!


  1. I may have missed this, but how have you gotten Havi's poop back to normal? I swear I got more out of the letter than the poop thing, but it caught my eye!

    1. Haha, Havi is all better! A combination of Evo, Filtered Water, and PepcidAC and shes like every other pooch out there! Just needed to find the right combo.

  2. nice meet u and always success for all of u