Thursday, June 7, 2012

Feature: Love Letters From A Dogwalker

Another great RuffCity report...

Well it was another great walk with my new buddy Havi today. She was super excited when I let her out, jumping around like a maniac and trying to get her kisses in. After a little dancing and kissing, I leashed her up and we headed out!

We took pretty much the same route as yesterday except after we walked up first, we went over to third to head back down.

She peed at about the same time in the walk and then pooped a big healthy one right by the river. Not bad! Once that was taken care of I focused on keeping her moving along and for theist part  she did really well. A couple of tug needed at first as we warmed up to each other but once the pace was set we maintained it well.

Also we passed by a couple of pups and I quickly got her attention before any craziness, but towards the end she did bark at another mutt, close to home. We got in under control and she was happy to refocus on me after that.

We got back for the bone and a little more bonding time before I had to head out. I left her with plenty of water of course, and then I reluctantly brought her back inside the crate- which she did completely on command!

Hope I see Havi girl soon!

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