Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Feature: Love Letters From A Dogwalker

Havi had a walk with RuffCity's new walker, Ariel!

Wow, what a sweetheart of a pup you have, Havi is amazing, so glad I was able to hang out with her today :)
We started out with the pleasantries... And after lots of licks and some rolling around I got her leashed up and ready to go.

She worked with me pretty well most of the walk (probably because I had cheese in my pocket) :P...As we headed up 1st and then over to third and then back down and around, she did well at most corners (I had to resort to butt pushing only twice) and we had a couple of doggie encounters but it's so true, just a quick distraction is all she needs to be back at attention. I rewarded each sit or look with a little nibble.

She peed about 5 blocks into the walk (I was surprised how long she held it) and then pooped not too much later. Poop was firm but not hard.

A couple of times I stopped and squatted down just to give her some love which helped her keep going when she stopped for seemingly no reason. This worked well, I tugged her along only a couple of times when she got a bit stubborn.

We got back and I refilled her water, and led her into the crate with a bone. I really had so much fun with her, such a lover. I was sad to leave, and I think I heard her howl as I left :(

Hope you all have a great rest of the day - will see her tomorrow!

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