Monday, April 2, 2012

Small Business Week: Poodles to Pitbulls

Welcome to Small Business Week!  We are featuring some of our favorite small businesses in the tri-state area.  

Poodles to Pit Bulls Clicker Training, Inc. is an Astoria, Queens based pet training company specializing in modern, humane, and force-free training. We don’t use force, corrections, or intimidation, and focus on developing relationships built on mutual trust and respect. The training is hands-free, loads of fun, and makes it easy for every member of your family to take on the role of "dog trainer". We work with all breeds, ages, temperaments, and sizes of dogs, as well as many types of behavior problems ranging from housebreaking, barking, and leash walking, to some more serious issues like aggression, separation anxiety, and fear-based behaviors.

 Ettel Edshteyn graduated with distinction from the Karen Pryor Academy and is a Certified Training Partner. She uses behavior theory and clicker training to help dogs and their people live together harmoniously, and with mutual respect and trust.

 She continues to stay on the edge of new and innovative training theory by reading books and articles, staying active on various online training forums, and attending seminars and workshops held by the foremost trainers and scientists in the dog training and behavior field. She has experience working with a variety of dog breeds and their owners.

Want more information?  E-mail ettel@poodlestopitbulls.com or comment below!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's spotlight on Sweet Creations...


  1. Awesome name! I used to follow her blog, but I don't think she has it anymore. Nothing like poodles and pit bulls together!

    1. Hey! I'm still blogging - just moved everything to my business website and changed the theme a bit. It's here now: http://www.poodlestopitbulls.com/blog.html. Good to see you around!

  2. A great idea to feature local businesses. I like to do that whenever I can.
    And congrats on your blogaversary!