Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Small Business Week: Foster Dogs NYC

Welcome to Small Business Week!  We are featuring some of our favorite small businesses in the tri-state area.  

Sarah Oren is another member of the animal community in NYC whom we love...

I started Foster Dogs NYC in August 2009 when I picked up my then-foster pittie "Mocha" from Manhattan ACC. She was such a cool dog, but I had no idea how to get the word out about her. One nice rescue group posted her on Petfinder, but I wanted to be able to provide a more personalized forum. Mocha was adopted only a month after picking her up from the shelter!

I felt lost when I first started thinking about fostering, and wanted to start a blog that promoted availabledogs, promoted fostering, and provided potential volunteers or adopters with helpful links and articles.  Foster Dogs NYC has become a one-stop-shop for anyone interested in fostering or adopting - or for anyone who loves to look at photos of cute dogs! Most dogs on this site are in the NY tri-state area, and are in the care of various dog rescue groups. We post for rescue groups in need of an extra boost for theirdogs in need, and for foster owners who need to get their dog's profile posted online!

To date, over 1,400 have been posted on FosterDogsNYC.com, most of whom have had happy endings! Our success rate is growing with increased exposure to our site. We hope to soon become a registered nonprofit organization so we can take our efforts even further!

FosterDogsNYC is founded by Sarah Oren, who is also TheDogMatchMaker - matching up shelter pups with the perfect family!  

FosterDogsNYC is our Tuesday Feature of Small Business Week check out yesterday's post on Poodles to Pitbulls.


  1. Okay, I guess I will spend the rest of my afternoon looking at pictures of dogs. =)

  2. THANKS SO MUCH for sharing the love about fosterdogsnyc.com and thedogmatchmaker.org !!