Thursday, October 13, 2011

Weekly Feature: Love Letters From A Dogwalker

Well, to be honest, we omitted a love letter.  Last week, we got a pretty disturbing letter when Havi got sick and the dogwalker came to visit her.  Apparently Havi pooped four different times, four different places, including throwing up on the couch.  Eek.  Luckily, our dogwalker was honest about the situation, gave Havi some love, and we came home.  Here is today's letter!

You're so right, she was totally playing me about not being able to sit in the elevator. She did it perfectly today, sans treat! Little booger...

We made a date with Jax, Sophie and Kellie for the park and the temperature was perfect for them. Hav mussed up Jax's new hairdo but he didn't mind one bit. A schnauzer named Archie came to play and all was good for awhile, until the ball became a possession to Archie and he snapped at Hav.

It's frustrating because I've never seen her start anything, but she will not back down. She will play and play and play until another dog starts a conflict and then she's reactive and unaware of her strength. This incident was not a bad one and she never made contact with him (I think a choice of her own honestly as it took a few seconds for me to grab her). The owner even admitted most fault of Archie and after that we omitted the ball and they ran around just fine and played. Overall everyone had a great time!!

Like I've always said I'm completely comfortable with her at the park and will immediately let you know if that changes. And I'll always let you know of any altercations.

She pooped on the way there, it was very solid for her, and peed twice :)

We walked home with Jax and Sophie and it totally did the trick- no stalling and no slowness! We all said goodbye in the elevator and Hav and I went on to the apartment for some fresh spring water and a milkbone :)

P.S. Ive been a little behind on my comments on your blogs, sorry!
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