Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Monthly Feature: Big Dog, Small Budget

We started this Monthly Feature to explain how we live with a big dog on a small budget.  Many people wrote they don't or can't even imagine how much they spend per month.  The simple fact is that we live loan to loan so we have to really contemplate the value of each $ spent.  Additionally, we thought that by sharing the various sites and coupons we use, we may give others good ideas.  Alternatively, if we're spending too much money - we were hoping you would share some good ideas!

So here is our September round-up!

4 Dog Walking Sessions with RuffCity DogWalkers - $100
Evo Red Meat Formula from ProperPet - $59.99
Kong Baton birthday present and Kong Ball for her BFF from PETCO - $22.84
August Total: $182.83

June: $149.31
July: $111.99
August: $193.22
September: $182.83
YTD: $637.35

Favors: DS parents helped us by babysitting Havi for a few days for Rosh Hashanah and giving us a box of Milkbones.  


  1. Hey Havi!
    Wow, you sure are valuable to your peeps! That's the way it should be and we all agree you're worth every penny. The walkers are great!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  2. I really should figure out what I spend on my chi's. I'm sure it's much more than I think it is.

  3. I'm 34873107 years behind on reading this - but I love it! My boyfriend just sat me down and made me sign up on mint.com, a budgeting website (since I'm fresh out of school and finally making real money), and it was terrifying what I spent each month and on what. We made sure to create a "foster dog" budget, which I completely went over on this month since I just got Baxter and *had to* buy him a bunch of new stuff. But now that I have a budget it is much easier to keep track of and be smart about my spending, especially on dog stuff. Makes you think twice about what you buy, but it's totally worth it (literally) in the end.