Friday, May 6, 2011

its the little things...

We love Fresh Direct. We debate about whether its cheaper than a full shop in a grocery store in NYC (you will be amazed by the prices in this city). However, with all else being equal, if you sign up for a "Delivery Pass" the delivery charge is only $2.50 a week. The convenience really cannot be beat. Each week they will send a reminder email to place your order. Additionally, it keeps your master list saved, so all we have to do is click master list each week and work from there (it even saves a list of everything ever bought). The best part is you don't "splurge" shop because you usually just stick to the list. You may also find something from "President's Picks" which lets you know the freshest food of the week (how we first tried out our favorite asparagus recipe). So for about $50 a week, and if we only order in once that week, we found that cutting costs on food through shopping with Fresh Direct is really helpful! The food is especially fresh, because there is no middle man, the food lasts longer and saves money in the long run. The perks are plentiful as well. When you first sign up, they send free produce every once in a while. Then, they offer you a Chef's Table membership, where you get to reserve a time slot once a week (were 10-11:30PM Sunday people), and special deals on the "foods of the week."

They surprised us twice this week:
1. With FREE laundry detergent (organic) in our delivery on Sunday

2. With a FREE frozen entree meal (we got to choose 1 of 4) that will be delivered this week!
We'll update on how both work out!

Today, one of our pet deal sites, Pawsley, let us know they had the Tuffy toys on sale (Pawlsey donates 4% of your purchase to shelters). This was very exciting because so many of you had told us to get a level 8-10 toy for Havi due to her being an ultimate chewer. We ordered the Level 10 Mega Tuffy Ring for $21 and free shipping, and cant wait to play with it in Central Park. We're actually allowing Havi a toy besides tennis balls, Kongs, and the IQ ball!

In a full circle, Law Student's mom had asked last week for a chew free bed. Well, the Tuffy toy deal on Pawsley was being offered by IndestructibleDog. and they sell Kuranda beds. I had read somewhere in the blog world, that this was the bed to beat. Alas, love when everything ties together!

As a Friday night sign off, we wanted to say thank you for guessing what breed of pup Havi is! While we agree with many of you, yes Havi is a shelter mix and there is no need to pigeon-hole her, we think its funny when people come up with random guesses. People always stop us on the street to let us know what type of pup she is. Our favorite is when people say "is she a pit?! pits are always so sweet."

1. The Rescue told us she was a Lab/Boxer/Terrier mix (we love when Rescues say Terrier instead of Pit)
2. The Fosters, swore she is a Great Dane. We NEVER saw this, until we visited our friends over at No Saddle Required. We saw they have a Harlequin Great Dane, which means it has black and white spots - all over - just like on Havi's paws and chest!
3. Many people tell us shes a Dalmation, because of the spots on her paws
4. Two Pitties thought Havi might be a lab like Corbin, we definitely see that in her body type
5. Some claim Ridgeback - we dont see it.
6. We think she looks just like Maisie from Maisie and Me
7. She's Havi, and her name means love, which totally makes sense, because she has a heart on her chest!
Have a great weekend!
(ah! pit bull attack!)


  1. Hey Havi!
    Wow, getting yummers delivered to your door is pawesome. Make sure they have treats for you included too! BOL Love the heart on your chest...very cute. Great attack...way to slurp it up!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  2. Love the Fresh Direct idea, wish we had something like that here. I actually do a meal plan through an organization called First Slice, I get three entrees and six sides each week for just under $40. It's not that cheap, but they use the money to feed homeless families and teens the same high-quality meals that are purchased on the plan, so at least it's for a good cause!


  3. Hey there! Thanks for checking out my blog! Havi is so cute no matter what breed she may be, all that matters is the doggie love. Like the heart on her chest, that is so cool. I have a Kuranda bed and it is awesome. I sleep on it every night and it has held up nicely and supports my 141 pounds. :) That is awesome that you live in a apt., as I live in a small condo. People are always shocked that I can live in such small space. Mom always tell them that I am a great house dog...plus I love being close to my humans and they take me for many walks!! Bark at you again soon.

  4. Sounds like a great option for food shopping. Fresh food delivered at a reasonable cost in a way that helps you control what you spend sounds like something worth trying.