Sunday, May 15, 2011

bored pup...but not for long!

The long awaited week has finally come! After 6 weeks of 14 hour study days 7 days a week, the last week of studying is upon us! At 3:30 today, Law Student will have completed her finals, and at 3:50 on Friday, Dental Student is free as well!

Well, what are Grad Students to do now that finals are over?! A few of you asked what finals ending exactly "means" so...

Law Student will begin an internship after Memorial Day Weekend with a well-known, private, non-profit defense legal services organization. In one week from today, Dental Student will begin Clinicals at the hospital his school is affiliated with. The best part about this summer - we're off on weekends! Which means many, many fun things to do with Havi and many things to share with you!

It cracks us up that pups never know what's "really" going on. So when it rained yesterday and Havi couldn't lay in her Favorite Spot she was beyond bored. As bored as she's been the past 6 weeks! I took some pictures of our bored pup, with the happy knowledge that her boredom will make a complete 180 as of 3:30 today!
She usually switches from pig on a stick position...
...to curled up in a ball on the bed position.
Thought shed check out the toy that was taken away
And even rest her chin on the couch, thinking that maybe one day shell be allowed on it...

Lastly, we'll bug you everyday this week. We're not big contesters, we never win anything, but we've been needing a new collar/leash for Havi for quite some time and have been shopping on Etsy and Sirius Republic. Sirius Republic (a brand that makes leashes, collars, and dog tags and has an awesome blog and Facebook) is having a contest about Togetherness, and we obviously entered! If you feel like helping us out, hop over to Sirius Republic's Facebook Page. "Like" it, then "Like" the picture of the the Three Peas in A Pod (aka Two Grad Students and a Pittie) so that we can win a coveted collar and dog tag from this great company. If we win, you get to vote to help us pick the one we want!

Have a great Monday, we know we will!

P.S. as of today, well try to get back to our regularly scheduled morning Monday-Friday posts!


  1. Mazel tov...and enjoy your free weekends! :)


  2. We've done the voting bit! Mom is curious - so are you now done with the official school part, and move on to internships, or are you just done for the summer. (Mom is one of those overly-educated types, too. She's got a Ph.D. in something (Parks and Recreation/Ski Area Management) and can do all sorts of statistic-y things, but lately she's just let the diploma hang on the wall and collect dust... It's a long story...)

    Good luck in the competition. We'll see if we can sucker Dad into voting, too!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  3. Oh, how I envy you both for having completed your finals. Hope you're having a great start to some summer fun! As for me, well, I'll be around campus until June *sigh*... At least I can look forward to interspersing my study breaks with stories of Havi!

    SJ from Happy.Bark.Days

  4. Yeah Havi - Weekends are going to be awesome. Time to go exploring. We can't wait to see what you discover in New York - maybe you will find that Big Apple everyone talks about :)

  5. Havi, you are going to be so happy to have them home for the summer. Enjoy.

  6. Congrats on getting through it! We went and voted for you; Sirus Republic is the best! And I love your pig-on-a-stick comment. We always think Mr. B especially looks like swine, and often think he looks like "a little sausage" when he is laying around. I'm excited to see what fun things you do with Havi in NYC(and we hope you enter a "contest" we're announcing on Friday--as long as Blogger works--about fun things to do with your dog in your city).

  7. How exciting to be done with finals!! When are the grad students going to be graduated students?? Can't wait to read about your adventures in NYC. PS we voted for you guys, hope you win a gorgeous new leash!

  8. Woo hoo!!!