Tuesday, May 10, 2011

are house rules for the pup or the grad students?

I need a quick break from being a Law Student. (Sorry these postings have been at such random times throughout the day, instead of when we get up in the morning.) Additionally, sorry there are no cute Havi pics, because I haven't been home during normal hours in quite some time.

Let's take a quick time travel back to last night (insert Full House time travel special effects):

There are a few rules in our house, none of them too intense...

1. Don't go to bed angry (stay up and fight!)
2. If you took it out, you put it back (this means you, Havi)
3. Put any events or appointments you may have on the calendar
4. Make the bed (usually Havi's best chore)
5. No dogs and toys on the bed. Just dogs, no toys

Now, this no toys on the bed makes sense. Havi's a chewer, she wouldn't realize if she's chewing happily chomping on her bone and grabs some blanket in her mouth. Havi picked up on the rule real fast, shes never really tried to bring a toy up there.

Last night, I was minding my own business around 11PM at night in the living room, when Dental Student comes running in to let me know Havi is bleeding. I run to Havi, which Dental Student (he is going to be a doctor) has under control. I go into the bedroom, which looks like a crime scene on my beautiful sheets and blanket. I am about to ask what happened, when in the mess of sheets I find a ball, a Kong tennis ball to be exact. (It is at this point that I would like to point out I may make a better detective than a lawyer.)

Dental Student exclaims from the other room "I can't imagine how this happened!" Oh really, I can...Dental Student practicing Havi's famous "I can catch this ball with my mouth trick" on the bed, next to a sharp heat unit. I can imagine.

Today as I was sitting reading a legal book I posed the question "but who was this law made for?" That got me to thinking "but who were these house rules made for?" It seems to me Havi wasn't able to think to bring the ball up on to the bed and have someone throw it up to her all on her own...

Okay, I give in...stock Havi photo:


  1. I am glad Havi is OK. Yeah sometimes we need to remind ourselves to keep our pups safe.

  2. I love the comparison "who are these rules made for". I find E is also the one who can fool around with the pooches, and I have to be the enforcer.

  3. It seems to a common thing with most couples - there is the ruler enforcer and the rule breaker. In our household - I am the one saying no human snackies for Reilly as hubby feeds him yet another potato chip!!!! His response - "it was just one" YEAH RIGHT , one yesterday and the day before and so on. Rules are only for those who actually make them - everyone else just breaks them :) :) :) Glad Havi is okay.

  4. Our rule is: No throwing toys in the house. We can only imagine our 100 and 74 lb dogs crashing into the tv or something else while chasing a kong! (Of course the rule is broken now and then...lol.)

    Glad Havi is OK!

  5. ha we totally have different sets of rules :)


  6. Cute Havi picture. Glad to hear she is ok! I am the rule enforcer and my parents tend to spoil Sophie. They say she is their grandpuppy so it allowed. Big sigh!

    Good luck with finals. I remember needing a break from being a law student. I spent a lot of time watching Sophie on the daycare camera when I should have been studying for the bar...haha oops.

  7. I love this story- other than Havi getting hurt of course- it just cracks me up! Luckily the hubs and I are both enforcers with Molly, no furniture climbing or pantry sniffing for this gal :)

  8. Thanks for stopping ofur at my bloggie! OMD, you are so like my NEIGHBORS! I could see you from the mountain I was on the other day. So nice to meet you.

  9. Hey Havi!
    Wow, I hope you're feeling better now. Sometimes an intense play romp causes some...er...um...difficulties. Rules were made to be broken, right?!?
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  10. In our house, the one rule that momma is absolutely resolute about is "no bringing in fauna from outside". No birds, dead or alive, no squirrels and no frogs... The last frog came in in JD's belly. He then threw it up ... still alive... and the stupid thing hopped all over momma's bedroom as the woman was horrified and scared out of her mind. [red frog?] and had no idea what to do. Should have seen her in her pjs on the bed literally in shock.... hahahahaha. I live for those moments!