Monday, May 23, 2011

hester street fair, random parades, and yummy food

The Grad Students couldn't wait to take advantage of our first free weekend in our favorite city! Havi was especially excited for the adventure! There was a dual purpose to our Saturday: have fun and tire the pup out! There were three options for fun this weekend. The NYC Pet Show, Madison Square Park hosted the Delta Dugout Fair, and the Hester Street Fair.

We decided to walk on down to the Hester Street Fair. From where we live, it is about an hour walk to NYC's East Village. Street Fairs are Dental Student's favorite part of any summer and we couldn't wait to check this one out with its gourmet eateries.

The walk downtown in the 70 degree heat was exhausting for our puppy, it was her first time experiencing our long city walks. We had to stop many times to hydrate her...
She even plopped down a few times midwalk in her famous pig on a stick formation,
The best part of a NYC walk are the fun things you pass.
Like this mural dedicated to a beloved pup...
An outdoor radio station...
And squirrels running around...
Once we got to the fair, Law Student had a Shrimp Roll from Luke's Lobster and Dental Student had a Pulled Pork Sandwich. The best part was the homemade lemonade and eating in the grassy area with the pup.
When we had enough we decided to walk back home, and found some pretty awesome NYC sites.
This well-trained pup is obviously a sales associate at this shop.
We found an improptu fashion show hosted by the LES Business Owners.
And the old tenament district in NYC . (Law Student is a history buff, so this was fun for her).
On our walk back uptown we ran into a parade of nations on St. Marks! Havi seemed to like Brazil!
Then we found another fabulous street fair where we got mozarella sticks and sausage.
We sat down in Union Square Park for some shade and to enjoy our food find when we ran into some friends! (NYC isn't as big as it seems) Havi took this opportunity to find some shade and rest.
There, they told us that Ralph's, a famous New York Ices shop opened up, so we had to check it out!

We were tired and very full. We chatted about how the best part of NYC isn't the thing you planned to see, but the things you see along the way! On Sunday Havi visited M, a fellow Dental Schooler while the Grad Students headed to Long Island for a graduation party. She was tired and happy to visit a new, fun place! How was your weekend? Any suggestions for us to do next weekend?!

P.S. A special thanks to Patty over at Life With Sophie for the Versatile Blogger Award...Havi's blushing!


  1. what a fun day, thanks for sharing the pics. it's so cool to see you guys strolling through all the the NYC scenes! I wish Maisie wasn't so unpredictably leash aggressive, I can't really take her to street festivals or anything like that because I never know when she'll go off on another dog while she's on the leash. *sigh*


  2. What a great day. The pictures made it come alive. Our Sunday outing was canceled due to illness. Bailey and Katy are hoping Mom and Dad get well so they can start enjoying the promised summer outings.

  3. How fun! NYC has so much stuff going on, I love it. We took a roadtrip this weekend and camped, have you guys been camping with Havi? I am not sure what kind of camping is avaiable in NYC but you guys should definately try it!

  4. We have fun crazy stuff like that in LA too! I am going to miss that once we move


  5. Looks like you had a fabulous day and got your exercise to boot!!! By the way I never get tired of looking at that heart on Havi's chest so cute. Bet you guys love it too.

  6. Wow - what a awesome day and I can imagine how tired Havi was. The hoomans took good care of her though, lots of water and rest stops. Maybe next weekend you could visit a farmers market if you have some of those in New York. Always a fun place to visit.

  7. So cool! I love seeing everything you have going on out there. Can't wait to see more!

  8. Ah street fairs. I miss those not living in a large city. Looks like a fun day. We love the mural of "Drew". (Did Drew kind of resemble Havi?)