Thursday, June 2, 2011

the destruction continues...

We have spoken about toys before, and Havi's destructive nature. Havi can chew through ANYTHING! We are really lucky, and Havi chewed through one wooden piece on my desk and one shoe her first week here, and then never ever anything of ours again. However, she can destroy any toy in her path.

Havi's toy bin is a sad sea of Kongs, tennis balls, the odd rope, and an IQ ball when we feel like listening to the annoying noise.

So when we asked for suggestions many of you noted antler chews and Tuffy Toys. You all knew we were super excited when Pawsley.com had a sale on Tuffy Toys through the Web site Indestructible Dog.
Well, the level 10 Mega Tuffy Toy Ring came two days later and Havi was ecstatic. It even came with us on bathroom breaks. That is, for the 48 hours its survived...
We officially give up. We've tried to teach her to be gentle, and she is not destructive in the house. So for now, poor-little-rich-girl Havi gets tennis balls, Kongs, and ropes.

Havi couldn't be reached for comment:
Maybe one of these days we'll try the antler chew...

What's your pups FAVORITE toy?


  1. wow, she is even worse than Maisie I think...though Maisie will still eat a shoe or sock on occasion if she can sneak it when I'm not around. I definitely recommend antlers for a high energy chewer like Havi, and as I mentioned I will be giving away one large antler each to three lucky winners on my blog in a couple weeks so stay tuned! :)


  2. Well, I can be of no help as My Vickie will not allow me any toys at all. Well, except if she has time to supervise.

    I not only destroy everything she has tried but I then eat most of what I have destroyed and then I have to go see my very good friend Dr. Doughty.

    so far, I have had to have one rock, and one squeeky toy removed from my insides.

    Not so fun.

    so I'll have My Vickie keep following you so's if you find something that works....Maybe,....just maybe I'll finally get a toy.

    Good luck.
    and I mean that


  3. Maybe she is just not meant for toys. Our friend has a lab that can't keep toys. Bailey has some of the stuffed toys he got when we brought him home 8 years ago. Katy is eating through them to Bailey's horror.

  4. Oh my, Havi is unstoppable! Pauley loves the Wubba toys, but I do not think they would last long at your house.

  5. My dogs nommed through that same toy in two hours :( They love stuffed toys, so when I find some on sale I'll buy them knowing they'll be ripped apart. Once the dogs have removed the insides, I re-stuff them and sew up the holes so they can be "reused". Eventually they reach the end of their lives, but we get some good use out of them and the dogs really enjoy ripping the stuffing out. As long as you can supervise and your dog doesn't eat the stuffing, it's a pretty good solution. Otherwise they just have Kongs and Gonoughts, and the occasional antler or marrow bone.

  6. we even destroy black kongs at our house :(


  7. Can't be of much help with this one - Reilly has never really been fond of toys. He had a blue moose when he was little (he still has it nearly four years later and it a little worse for wear) His favorite thing though is a tug toy - the booda bone. The plain white ones are the best (cheaper colored versions can leave stains on carpet) Not only are they good tug toys, they help floss and clean their teeth.


    Check around for prices though as I have seen them cheaper then this.

  8. The antler chews are really good... but I don't care for them. I'll chew when I first get one, but then they're just boring and I give them to my aunts. I destroy everything too, so all I have are KONGS and Nylabones... Oh well!

  9. Hi Havi... Darn girrrrrl you are GOOOOOOOOD. I take all the legs and tails and Ears off of EVERYTHINGY. Isn't that what we are supposed to do???
    NOW.. I have a BUNCH of Deer Antlers... my dad goes out and brings them in... still attached to the deer. I TOTALLY LOVE THEM... and they are really SAFE as they don't splinter.. Nyla Bones are VERY bad about that!!!!... AND I also get cow hooves from PetSmart. They don't splinter either.
    BUTT I(Frankie Furter) still maintain THEY buy these toys fur US and we should be allowed to do what we LIKE with them. BaaaaWaaaah

  10. Wow a Tuff Toy down after 48 hours. Sophie is pretty good with tuff toys. It takes her a few months before she makes a dent in them. Regular stuffies stand no chance.

    Her friend Lola is a power chewer so no toys except for Cuz, nylabone and kongs for her.

  11. Lola destroys everything too. She has a 10 mega tufy toy and it has held up better than I thought. Other than that, she get tennis balls, which are destroyed quickly but are cheap and easy to replace, and she is loving her nylabone right now too. Those last for awhile.

  12. I don't believe there is any soft toy that can hold up to a dog determined to destroy it. Any soft toy that survives does so at the largesse of the dog.

    My dogs love the "zogoflex" toys made by WestPaw, especially the Hurley. But they're not indestructible either. You can get one free replacement..


  13. Ahh Havi! Molly is not a destructive chewer (unless it is a fluffy bed), she is so funny because she has figured out which toys she has to be gentle with (like her long, stuffed puppies) and which toys can handle a beating (like her rope or kongs). Her favorite is probably her ropes though.

  14. One I've been looking into is the Goughnuts Donut. (http://www.goughnuts.com/GoughNuts_Black.html)

    Either that or an antler chew (not center cut, that's too easy!) (www.yellowstoneantlers.com).

    Don't give up!!

  15. Maize would be a great quality check dog. She finds the weakest stitch and starts there. I am amazed at how she handles her toys (meaning how she destroys me so quickly) I loved the Tuffy toys but they are kinda expensive for her to chew so quickly. She even destroys tennis balls. All toys and chewies are supervised because Pug is a jerk and gets all nuts resource guarding. Ahh the joys!

  16. Gus' favorite toy isn't even a dog toy it is a stuffed animal. Go figure.

  17. My larger chihuahua chewed everything in sight when he was a puppy, including me sometimes! I never thought he'd outgrow that stage!

    He's gotten considerably better about it but I still have to watch him closely. He adores his tennis balls though. He's so funny that sometimes he'll drop it in his food bowl while he's eating to ensure that no one else will get it.

    Since both of my boys are chi's they only like small toys that don't weigh very much. They're kinda picky that way.

  18. My dog Charlie chews on the Kong a lot, but not rough and he absolutely loves it, especially with an ice cube or peanut butter inside:)

  19. 48 hours?! HAH - that one only took me 5min! That much for level 10 on the toughness scale! :)
    So again, all that is left is my black KONG...

    I'm Teal'c btw, from Sydney.

  20. I wonder if it's an age thing too. Mr. B only likes soft toys and he would totally destroy them, but we worked with him and now he's had those big fluffy bones for awhile. Though it's kind of annoying because when it's time to go for a walk he'll go get it and try to take it with us, or when I try to grab it away he makes a getaway and goes running off like a greased pig.