Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Love Letters From a Dogwalker

Last Wednesday, August 24th, Havi had her 5th walk with RuffCity DogWalking.  Havi had been up all night with a stomachache and diahrrea.  I had emailed RuffCity to let them know I was worried, and she may be lethargic, and to love my baby up when they came to walk her.  

Here is their email update:

Wow. I don't even know where to start about today!

She was her normal excited self when I came in, seemed to be feeling great! I did notice that she hadn't touched her food though.

We were off to meet Sophie and Jax at the park! A super playful mutt named Loquita that I know well was there and they got crazy together too.

Then the park suddenly turned into a circus. A guy came in with two dogs, a shitzu and an American bulldog. He kept them on the leash and got them and the others off to a bad start. Havi led the group barking and ended up in a minor scuffle with the bulldog. It was totally fine and the guy retreated to the corner with him. Havi stayed totally away from them, even turning around when I called Come while she was getting closer. I was so proud of her!

Then bill's dogs! She ran around with all of them so happily and playfully. The energy was so intense but the pups all made the best of it

She played with EVERYONE today, to the very last minute we were there. It was awesome. Even chasing around this awesome little pomeranian.

She pleasantly surprised me with a fast pace on the walk home. Even more surprised because she laid down outside the gate to the park as we were leaving. I was armed with treats too but didn't need em!

Left her chilling on the kitchen floor with fresh water and a milkbone!

A fantastically exhausting day for all!


  1. yay for Havi playtime! hope her tummy is feeling better...bad tummy. :(


  2. I'm glad she's feeling better. I love the notes. I always wait for DH's updates when he brings Bailey & Katy home from daycare. They always have such great adventures.

  3. We used to get love letters from our house sitter!


  4. I love these letters! I'm sorry Havi's stomach was bugging her. I hate it when that happens. Heidi has a sensitive tummy too and I always get so concerned. She's always fine though :) (and I'm sure Havi will be too!)

  5. Hey Havi!
    Wow, I hope you're over your tummy sickies. Those are the worst. Here are some healing vibes just in case! }}}}}}
    Sounds like a pawesome day in the park! Obviously, you have your walker trained just right. I bet you had a blast!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  6. Hope Havi is feeling better! Sounds like she really enjoys her dog walker and play time!

  7. a great walker, leaving such long notes. hope havi is feeling better!

  8. I'm glad Havi seems to be doing much better. I recently had to take one of my chi's to the vet with the same issue after it continued on for several days in a row. He's fine now, after medication.

  9. Very nice report. It sounds like having Havi go out with a dog walker has been a really good experience for her. I bet it has really helped to build her confidence. I hope her tummy is all better.