Thursday, March 1, 2012

Feature: Love Letters From A Dogwalker

Thank you, RuffCity dogwalking!

O this has got to happen more often- that face!!! She was extra cuddly and cute when I let her out and she seemed more calm than usual while I put her harness on (I managed to clip it before she roly-polyed me). 

We had to wait a bit for the elevator because only one was working and they kept being packed by the time they got to us but she sat like an angel and impressed each closing car full of people.

She did snap at a puggle from the North Side (those North side pups just don't know what's up!) but the other dogs we passed on the way to the park she was great with.

It was empty when we got there but I knew Kellie and Jophie were coming so we kicked the ball around for awhile and waited. But in a sad turn of events little Sophie showed up a minute before they did so we had to leave :( :( :( 

We ran into them right outside of the park though so everyone got to say hi for a moment while Kel and I talked about how disappointed we were. But alas, we had to keep moving...

We walked North and over to 3rd and around, her head gazing in all directions all the while. She was a pleasure to walk, just trotting alongside me happily. She was a little stubborn with the sitting at corners but once I brought in the kneel-down-and-let-her-kiss-me move in there she did it everytime without hesitation :)

She pooped on the way to the park and it was basically dark chocolate pudding...

And we got to see Jophie again outside the building!

I topped off her water in her crate and gave her kisses goodbye before her milkbone. Until next time!

Have a great weekend :)


  1. Aw, your dog walker sounds amazing! I'm considering writing a post on how to find a good dogwalker/petsitter... any tips, since you clearly did a great job?

  2. Hey Havi!
    Wow, that must have been a wonderful walkie! I think your walker peep sounds great and I'd love to play in the park with you!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  3. You have a gem there...loverly!

  4. i do that, too, sometimes when desmond doesn't listen to a sit command on corners--as soon as i kneel down next to him, down his butt goes!