Thursday, February 23, 2012

Our Apartment Has Gone to the Dogs

Yesterday we were looking around, and realized most of our decor is dog-centric...

Our foyer upon closer inspection...
Doesn't this pup look Havi-like?! 
Our foyer bench is full of dog treats and toys 
This is also Havi's eating station
Our bathmat is actually just another place for Havi to sleep
We replaced the showerhead with a handheld one in order to bathe Havi
This beautiful box holds her toys

Our rug is indoor outdoor to clean up Havi messes 
In the summer, the balcony becomes Havi territory 
Our kitchen contains her snack bar
And her humongous crate sits right next to our dining table

Most of all...all our decor is black and white - like Havi!

How does your decor reflect your pup?!


  1. Love it! We try to downplay the animals in the house, but I'm not sure we succeed. Our "key" rack is full of collars and leashes, Fae's coat hangs on our coat rack, and dog beds & the crate take over our living room. Not to mention the baby gates to keep the cats and dogs separated... okay, we totally revolve around our pets.

    That rug is beautiful! Where is it from?

    1. We got the rug from HomeDecorators.com - they frequently have online sales!

  2. Your apartment still looks very nice. We have plastic airline crates and chewed dog beds. We use the tops of the crates for additional table space - we even put our printer there. Yeah, our place is somewhere between a bachelor pad and a kennel.

  3. I love the indoor/outdoor rug. Sadly, I don't get much decorating stay in this house since it isn't mine. But I can't wait to use styling tips from all my blog pals when I finally have my own place!

  4. I soooo love pittie parents that rearrange their entire households for the furbabies! You truly rock! If you walk into our home, you'd think our pit OWNS the house.... hehe Well,,, he actually does! :)

  5. That is so funny! We specifically chose a jute rug for the living room because they hide stains better. Oh, and we still have our nasty couches from college because it's not a big deal if the dogs stain those with muddy paws or whatever. I am not sure WHAT we will do when we graduate to adult couches...the dogs are so used to having free reign!

  6. Our house looks much like yours in that it's more decorated for "dog-ease" than people comfort! Three beds and a crate in the living room, leather couches are surprisingly easy to keep clean with dogs, washable throw rugs, etc...
    When we love our companions , their comfort always comes first!

  7. The dogs have their own bedroom in our house. No actual human bed for guests but 3 beds and a crate for them. At first, I thought I was crazy for devoting our one spare room to them but I like having the dog beds and crates out of our living/dining area.

    I think it's inevitable when you adopt a dog that your house becomes very dog-centric. I don't worry too much about it when I think about what having kids does to most people's homes.

  8. This is hilarious, and very familiar! Our apartment is very similar -- I'll have to take pics to show you sometime! I love the idea of an indoor-outdoor rug!!! Why didn't I think of that!? :)

  9. I'll have to do a similar post as well. We have tons of dog "decor" and all her goodies all over the place.

  10. this is an amazing post - i fear that my apartment is totally the same way! (although, let's be honest, it's been half-packed for 2 weeks now so I can't prove it to you :) )

  11. I love your balcony! How wonderful to have a small outdoor space. So rare in the city.

  12. This makes total sense to me...every inch of your place should be this way....high 5ers!