Friday, February 17, 2012

More Answers...

Well the questions keep on rolling in...so we thought we would answer them on this rainy Friday in NYC!  Rain basically means that Havi will refuse to go to the bathroom all day today!

A & A Friese asked: What will you call your blog when you two are all grown up and graduated??
Ah!  Graduated?!  It seems like it will never happen...I don't know if we could ever change the name!

Our Waldo Bungie asked: So when you both graduate, are you planning on staying in NYC or will you be moving elsewhere?

We are staying put.  Law Student is a NY girl through and through and she wouldn't pay extreme rent to live anywhere else.  We are both only taking licensing exams in NY as well, so that kind of ties us down.

Mayzie asked: Ummm...how has adopting Havi changed your life? 
Wow, Mayzie.  Loaded question!  Its funny, because Dental Student and I had only been together a year when we adopted Havi.  But now its like we were always this family that was meant to be.  Havi is that wiggly butt that makes us laugh, the eater of our couch that makes us angry, and the sick pup we nursed back to health.  When we adopted Havi my mom pointed out that we would have her through some pretty big milestones (moving in together, graduating, first jobs, marriage, possible a baby).  Its trite but true, Havi made us complete.

Goose asked: Havi, what is your FAVORITE place to sleep?
WHAT ISN'T HER FAVORITE PLACE TO SLEEP!?  Right now she is enjoying the couch, later shell probably move over to her bed, its really a cycle.  

Trinity's Love asked: I also would like to know, what Law Student plans to specialize in when she becomes a Lawyer?
Law Student is studying public interest law with a specialization in criminal and family law. Basically, any way she can give back to the community.  Either working for the government or a non-profit!

Thanks for all the questions!  It's been fun!  What are you doing this weekend?!

Running out of time - so check out the Facebook for more pics!


  1. Hey Havi!
    Wow, this was a fun Q&A! Sounds like your perfect pack is in the city furever. Love your sleeping cycle...gotta have variety in our naps! BOL. This weekend I'm going to the vet. Ptthththth and blech.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  2. I agree, that was fun! That type of law sounds really interesting. My good friend here just finished law school and is now working in Elder Law, and my cousin is planning on going into Family Law too. :) (My dad's also a lawyer, but he does more business litigation type stuff). I had thought about being a lawyer too (to go into, duh, animal law), but alas, Jewish lit. sucked me in...:)

  3. I love these Q & A's where I get to know more about my favorite bloggers! Maybe eventually Daniel & I will get out to NYC (we have several friends there and I've never been!) and I'll get to meet you in person and we can gab all about our doggies and over-extending ourselves and dog walking groups! :)

  4. Awww, I luved the answer to my question!

    And I had a feeling that Law STudent would be doing something to help other peoples. She's a good one. Be sure you keep her!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  5. I loved reading the answers to these questions! So much fun! I didn't know Havi was such a mush when it came to the rain. Reggie is completely oblivious. It seems like he doesn't even know it's raining.

  6. I always love when bloggers do Q&As like this! Great questions and answers!